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Knowing Me Knowing Yule - Alan Partridge Christmas special. Can anyone by any chance lend me a copy urgently?

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anorak Sun 04-Jun-06 22:31:01

I live in W Herts and will drive to collect if anyone can lend, I need it yesterday!


anorak Sun 04-Jun-06 22:47:57


anorak Sun 04-Jun-06 23:10:28


anorak Sun 04-Jun-06 23:41:04


LadySherlockofLGJ Mon 05-Jun-06 06:54:56


anorak Mon 05-Jun-06 08:10:19

Thank you Lady Sherlock!


FioFio Mon 05-Jun-06 08:31:28

Message deleted

FioFio Mon 05-Jun-06 08:33:25

Message deleted

anorak Mon 05-Jun-06 09:18:52

Anyone? SD?

anorak Mon 05-Jun-06 09:34:24

Got to go out, back in an hour...please??

FioFio Mon 05-Jun-06 09:35:09

Message deleted

spacedonkey Mon 05-Jun-06 09:36:35

anorak, just seen this

I've looked for it - I think it's on one of the Knowing Me, Knowing You DVDs and I can't find them, only the I'm Alan Partridge ones!

I must've lent it to someone, I'll rack brains and try to think where it is

FioFio Mon 05-Jun-06 09:37:03

Message deleted

spacedonkey Mon 05-Jun-06 09:37:21

curious to know why the urgency now too!

FioFio Mon 05-Jun-06 09:38:08

Message deleted

spacedonkey Mon 05-Jun-06 09:39:05

yep that's the one, and I do own it, but god knows where it is

anorak Mon 05-Jun-06 11:11:38

Hi fio and SD, little quiz-setting problem, deadline today. The link is to the exact video I ordered from amazon last week. The one I received is almost the same but doesn't have the red lines of small print indicating the Christmas special's inclusion on the tape. Hence I am one programme short.

Never mind I have spoken to the 'office' and think I can sort it.

It'd have to be a really bad AP fetish to necessitate a thread like this Thanks anyway ladies!

spacedonkey Mon 05-Jun-06 11:21:22

phew, glad you got it sorted anorak!

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