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British gas service/ breakdown cover is it worth the money?

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overdraft Sun 04-Jun-06 22:08:59

Just that really has anyone got their moneys worth out of it? Do most people have cover for things like this or just swallow the bill if and when it comes in.

brimfull Sun 04-Jun-06 22:14:55

we've had it for about 4 yrs now and it's definately been worth it.We've had two new radiators,numerous thermocouplers for boiler,drains cleared,toilets fixed twice,funny noises checked ...loads.
Saying that we've got a new boiler now since having an extension so it won't be playing up as much.
For peace of mind it's great.
It's been a godsend when we've had a leak and they've come straight away,we've been stung by ludicrous call out charges before so to avoid that it's well worth it.

MrsMuddle Sun 04-Jun-06 22:25:39

Yes, yes, yes! We've had a new pump for the boiler and various other bits and pieces, but best of all is that they come the day after you phone them! We also took out drains and plumbing cover as an extra, and have had almost £1,000 pounds worth of work by Dynorod covered a couple of months ago, which included digging up the whole driveway and replacing a section of pipe. I usually get by with the mimimum of insurance - I'd never buy an extended warranty, for example - but I'm SO glad I bought gas cover when I moved into this house a couple of years ago.

nursetigger6 Mon 05-Jun-06 02:06:08

I have definately! My boiler is about 10 years old now and would have cost us over £2000 in the five years we have lived in this house! I also have some of my white goods covered i.e. the fridge and the washing machine (packed up twice and they have come out and sorted it!). You get it serviced every year = peace of mind. My parents think it's a rip off but i'm all for it after what it could have cost me to get the cowboy at the bottom of my hill to repair it (friend used to work for his company and when she was sorting out the requests for payment he'd add on a few quid just for himself and i'm talking more than £50 a time on simple jobs too!) especially when it was a small business job.

nannyme Mon 05-Jun-06 02:14:31

Our landlord has it and I can vouch for him that it was worth it due to his stupidly foolsih tenant (me) having cause to call out the BG guy to fix the gas fire. Certainly this would have cost a small fortune without the cover, and would have been a waste of money since the fire was not broken and just required me to remember how to turn the 'on' knob.

Knob being the operative word in my case.

threebob Mon 05-Jun-06 06:31:07

My mum and dad say that they would have been told several times that their central heating was beyond repair and each time it's been a part that cost less than 10 pounds from a little man in a little shop.

My mum loves a bargain though, so maybe that's it.

overdraft Mon 05-Jun-06 10:19:47

I do have it,but we are skint.I haven't had my moneys worth in 10 years.We moved into a new house 8 months ago and was wondering really wether to take a gamble a cancel it. Don't think I will now and will have to make cut backs else where I think.Thanks for the replies

LIZS Mon 05-Jun-06 10:33:46

We've had it since we changed the boiler 7 years ago. It isn't cheap but there is a certain security in knowing that should it malfunction we can call them and also the statutory annual service would have cost at least a third of the bill while we rented our house out.

joelalie Mon 05-Jun-06 13:53:10

Worth every pennny! Second year we had it we saved nearly a thousand. Plus you get a safety check free of charge which is good, and lets face it would you pay for it otherwise?

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