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JJ - help - could you post a pheasant picture for me?

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Jaybee Fri 06-Feb-04 09:51:41

Following on from the Crafty Pheasant thread, I have some piccies - I understand it was you who posted the strawberry piccies - could you post mine too.


JJ Fri 06-Feb-04 10:22:43

Hey look, there's my name!

Of course -- email them to me at goochersmom at yahoo dot com . (not!)

It'll be this afternoon before I get it done, though. My son is flushing something down the toilet and I've got to go see what it is.

Jaybee Fri 06-Feb-04 10:35:16

Thanks for the offer JJ but I think I have worked it out - I found some instructions on the strawberry thread and I think I have managed to do it.

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