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I need my mum...

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TheMrs04 Fri 05-Jul-13 02:47:01

sounds stupid I know but my mum has moved house again and its further away than what im used too... we never got along when I was younger I saw her more as a sister than a mother as my grandparents brought me up.. since I got engaged she has started to be more of a mother and now shes moving further away. .I talk to her every day and text but I now cant pop over for the day as easy as before... I dont drive and its gonna take 2 trains and 2 busses to get there.... since getting married and ttc I feel as I need my mum around me for advice and tips over drinking coffee.. worst thing is shes offered me a job to work with her but dh wont move out there for leaving his mum and nanna.. feels like im having to make the sacrifices all the time.sad ... would turn to my mum but she has no phone and no internet atm.. idk need a rant.. times like this I wish I was a kid again.... sad sad

Eyesunderarock Fri 05-Jul-13 07:18:54

It's hard being a grown up sometimes, but as a married person, you need to be looking at a new and independent life with your husband. But so does he, away from his mum and his nana.
Do you work? have a hobby? do anything where you can build up a group of friends to support you?
When my DD moved away to uni, we 'chat' and message on FB. Once your mum is settled in and with phone and internet, you won't feel as isolated.

outoffuel Fri 05-Jul-13 07:27:36

Could you take driving lessons? My mum lives half way across the world- we have Skype... You will manage I promise!

TheMrs04 Fri 05-Jul-13 09:42:22

I work have a huge variety of friends I think its just the initial shock of she not just down the road anymore.. spoken to her this morning and requested a weekend in august for a seaside trip.. mainly to visit skegy beach lol... dh doesnt understand the bond me and my mum have now... hes not as close to his mum but since his dad died he seams to be the one they put all their troubles on.. as for driving have benn taking lessons for a few weeks.. affording a car is another matter. . dh is now wanting to take his.. he'll pass faster than me.. thank you all for advise.... smile

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