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why is it..........

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SparklyGothKat Sun 04-Jun-06 12:54:08

that my kids have been bugging me about going outside in the garden, when the weather was terrible, yet now the weather is lovely and I have cut the grass and clear it all up, they don;t want to go out....

psychomum5 Sun 04-Jun-06 12:55:38

LOL, mine have been like that too.

DH has sorted paddling pool out finally tho, and that did it

as did me pulling plug on TV for an hour too

SparklyGothKat Sun 04-Jun-06 13:06:33

Our paddling pool had to be throw away. We have a 10ft trampoline and yet they still don;t want to go outside

psychomum5 Sun 04-Jun-06 13:08:03

Can you fill sone bowls of water up for them just to have water fun with. assume they have swimwear to wear while having said fun??

SparklyGothKat Sun 04-Jun-06 13:10:36

wouldn;t mind but I spent hours outside yesterday and today, sorting it out.... I think I might go and flick the fuseboard and make out we have had a power cut

psychomum5 Sun 04-Jun-06 13:12:40

LOL at power cut.......on;y problem is you then can't do MN either......

do they have playdoh....can you set that up outside?
Or painting??
or maybe a garden picnic for their lunch or snack and hope it keeps them there?

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