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do people still buy videos?

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helsi Sun 04-Jun-06 11:58:08

I have loads I want to get rid of but do peopletend to get dvd's nowadays? Anyone know best way to sell/dispose of videos other than just throwing away? it seems such a shame to to that.

WelshBoris Sun 04-Jun-06 12:02:09

I buy DD lots of videos from ebay, its worth a shot

kalex Sun 04-Jun-06 12:03:06

I really don't think there is a market at all for these anymore.

I would offer the kids ones to the local hospital emergency room or childrens ward (they have been a godsend to me when DS has been admitted!, or maybe a womens refurge. HTH

FlameBoo Sun 04-Jun-06 12:04:03

I pick up videos for DD to watch.

spacedonkey Sun 04-Jun-06 12:10:40

I still buy videos - my local Primetime sells off recent films on video for £1.99.

charliecat Sun 04-Jun-06 12:20:31

Bootsale/charity shop of you cant shift them yourself. I buy them for 50p generally

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