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urrgggg what do I write in christening card ?

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melsy Sun 04-Jun-06 10:56:58

yes stupid question , but nearly wrote mazeltov, being jewish and all that!!! so what does one put in a little ones christening card?????. Its for my friends little boy & Ive never been to a christening before.

LadyTambaOfTambaTown Sun 04-Jun-06 11:01:20

With love on the day of your christening

Melsy and Co

sparklemagic Sun 04-Jun-06 11:20:18

steer clear of anything religious, if you put 'congratulations on being welcomed into god's family" or something they will probably think u are mad as in my experience most people aren't doingthis for religious reasons!!!!!

just something anodyne like "best wishes on your christening day and for the future" should do it...

Northerner Sun 04-Jun-06 11:28:29

at most people christening children but not for religious reasons.

JanH Sun 04-Jun-06 11:31:17

True though, Northerner. It's the next big social event after the wedding and the mother has to show her catering ability (I know someone who actually put it like that )

Not true for all of course but it is for many.

Gillian76 Sun 04-Jun-06 11:33:33

Don't see why you should steer away from religious wording if you want.

It is a religious occasion after all...

WelshBoris Sun 04-Jun-06 11:33:36

I'm going to one in July, the mother has no religious plans for her DD at all. She is doing it just for the party

I'm as shocked as you

sparklemagic Sun 04-Jun-06 11:35:57

sadly northerner I have to say that I've been to a good few christenings now and none of those people are at all religious. Some have been married in church and that is the only time they have set foot in church in my time of knowing them...some have told me they do it because it's what you do and it might have a bearing on the school the kids go to and whether they want to be married in church. That's it. Oh, along with having a party....

I am at this too, that's why DS has not been christened! I've never forgotten the vicar's forlorn look as he waved my SIL and BIL off after their DD's christening, saying "It would be nice to see you sometime...anytime...."

Gillian76 Sun 04-Jun-06 11:36:26

Why bother?

I could have done without the hassle of the party a month after having a baby tbh.

If you want something religious we usually put "God bless you today and always. With love..."

Otherwise Tamba's wording shold do it.

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