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Travel question for someone in London or who knows London.

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breeze Thu 05-Feb-04 20:39:45

Wonder if you wise mumsnetter could offer some advice.

I need to be at waterloo station and just checked out train and coach prices, coach prices were 60% cheaper so obviously that would be the better way to go, but coach does not stop at Waterloo. Just wondered what the next nearest station that I could get a coach to and then maybe pop on the tube to waterloo.


ponygirl Thu 05-Feb-04 20:43:12

I think most coaches go to Victoria (or they used to), which is just a few stops along the District/Circle lines from Embankment and then you can walk across the bridge to Waterloo. That's what springs to mind. HTH

mammya Thu 05-Feb-04 20:47:58

Your coach might be stopping at Victoria Coach Station, most do. There are various options to go from there to Waterloo, have a look here .

fisil Thu 05-Feb-04 20:58:17

You don't say why you need to be at Waterloo, but if it is to catch a train, does the train go through Vauxhall? If so, get the coach to Victoria and then Victoria line to Vauxhaul (or if you actually need to be at Waterloo, then hop on a train to Waterloo).


the 505 goes from Victoria to Waterloo, is very efficient, even at rush hour you get one within minutes, and it is a bendy bus! (juts check that number though, it used to be dp's work bus, and he changed jobs 6 months ago!)

breeze Thu 05-Feb-04 21:32:18

Thanks all, got it sorted.

Need to be in London to catch the Eurostar to Paris

fft Fri 06-Feb-04 00:04:42

dear breeze just to clarify you can get off at victoria coach station and get a 211 to victoria underground station (if you don't wan to walk0 or walk to Victoria underground station with a buggy 5 mins and get the 507 bendy bus to Waterloo, is it 505? I live in the area and with most buses you have to buy pre paid tickets. You will usually see a small red ticket box and it is a pound to waterloo...fft

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