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Sykes, are you up for a challenge?

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lilibet Thu 05-Feb-04 19:18:25

I was reading on the 'flab after c section' thread about your obsessive attitude to exercise and I was seriously impressed! So would you like to do a flabby and unfit mumsnetter a big favour and can you do a good impression of a stern sargeant major?
What I'm asking is this, do you fancy being my online personal trainer? I can't run, can't do a sit up, and it would be a big challenge. I have someone to shout at me and encourage me on the weightloss thread, but I need the same with getting fit, so how do you fancy, once a week giving me a list of things to do over the next seven days? I can't get out of the house everyday to do walks and things, as dp isn't always available to look after the children but own a step (well hidden under the bed) and could probably manage walks etc 4 days a week but other things at home on a daily basis. I know that I could promise myself that I would do things, but I can't motivate myself, and really can't afford a gym. whaddya think?
Am I cheeky for suggesting it? tell me if I am

GenT Thu 05-Feb-04 19:22:56

I might join you in this......... or tag along, on the lazy side

sunchowder Thu 05-Feb-04 19:23:38

I think it is a GREAT idea (as long as Sykes does too!).

lilibet Thu 05-Feb-04 19:24:56

Do you think she could be a sargeant major?

"come on you 'orrible fat little person"

Or is she more of the gentle motivational leader?

sunchowder Fri 06-Feb-04 00:20:28

Guess we have to wat and see if she responds to this tomorrow then...

sykes Fri 06-Feb-04 10:56:05

Hello, you horrible lardy arses (sorry - just trying to get into character). I'd be v happy to do anything - will have a think and post in a bit.

lilibet Fri 06-Feb-04 12:28:37


Looking forward to this!

Sargeant Major Sykes!

Who has obviously seen my arse

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