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Brats in the neighbourhood

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TabithaStephens Thu 04-Jul-13 02:05:06

I would call the police!

BethanyC Wed 03-Jul-13 09:07:43

My son is six and when we moved house, the kids in the neighbourhood began to swarm. A majority just want to play, but there's a group of five boys who are about nine that are plain bullies. When any of the younger kids are playing out they come over, steal toys, push them over, call them names, punch, slap, pinch, kick, whatever they feel like doing. My son appears to have escaped unharmed, mainly due to the fact he sees them coming he drives off in his Power Wheels Jeep - we'll get to that. Parents from the street have spoken to the boys' parents many, many times, but on a whole they appear to be a bunch of.... horrible people. I could use a more colourful description but I won't. Anyway, the other day I'm in the kitchen with the baby doing some cleaning when I hear a noise from the back garden, I look out and see said five rummaging in my shed. Long story short, one reveals they trying to find Joey's Jeep, which was locked safely in the garage. I promptly told them all to get out of my garden before I went and told their parents to which they ran away laughing. I am seriously contemplating banning my son from playing with it in public for fear they'll start picking on him. Anyone else have similar experiences with little animals?

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