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Can I put DH's size 12 trainers in the washing machine?

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Josw19 Sat 03-Jun-06 07:21:13

Or will they bust it?

flowertot Sat 03-Jun-06 07:45:34

Well I always put trainers and some shoes in washing machine. Better to put themin with other washing so they don't have room to bounce all over the place

AllieBongo Sat 03-Jun-06 08:24:19

put them in a pillowcase. my dh insists on trying on an 11 everytime, but has to have a 12 lol

NannyL Sat 03-Jun-06 08:44:09

i always put trainers and shoes in the washing machine

you can buy special trainer washing machine holders in lakeland.... or you can just stick them in an old pillow case!

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