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Guard Thu 05-Feb-04 15:23:54

Does anyone have a recommendation for somewhere to stay (Lake District/Cornwall/France/?) which would be good for a 18 month old in April? Ideally we would like a "chalet"/room with an ajoining room for toddler, with baby listening and access to an indoor swimming pool (big enough for proper swimming)/leisure centre. As I will be 7 1/2 months pregnant prob rather not fly... Any ideas welcome !

SecondhandRose Fri 06-Feb-04 11:07:33

I have a lovely holiday home for rent in Nantwich, Cheshire, 10 min walk from the leisure centre. Child friendly, four poster, cot. All brand new, reasonable rates!

LIZS Fri 06-Feb-04 11:45:43

Sands in Cornwall - there was another thread about it recently , or Bedruthan Steps

LIZS Fri 06-Feb-04 11:47:09

Thread on Cornwall is here

fairydust Fri 06-Feb-04 14:48:00

SecondhandRose -that sounds lovely do u rent it out then??

jmg Fri 06-Feb-04 14:56:50

Try these we have booked for this summer - we've been to the beach before and it is a lovely little beach. The pool looks lovely. There is lots to do in the nearby area - we've being going to falmouth every year since I was pregnant with DD now aged 5!

SecondhandRose Fri 06-Feb-04 17:19:29

Hi Fairydust, yes click on Home at the top of the page, click on Noticeboard and then click on General and then scroll down and you'll find my details. Can email you photos so you can have a look.

madame Wed 28-Mar-07 16:50:00

Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for a holiday this summer. I have an 18month old and my husband and I would like a relaxing holiday somewhere quiet but in easy access fot things for my daughter.

New Forest is a place we have thought of but don't know it very well.

Would like a cottage maybe

madame Wed 25-Jul-07 17:10:25

I would like to take my daughter 23 months away in September to Italy or France. I want to go self catering and be near the coast. Does anyone have anywhere they could recommend or point me in the right direction of where to look please.

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