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Went to the Zoo today

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SparklyGothKat Fri 02-Jun-06 23:39:01

It was a lovely day. Didn;t have to pay for me and DH as we are carers to DS and DD1, and we also got on the train for free as disabled passagers have to have a able bodied carer with them, and the kids travelled free anyway. We actually managed to do the whole zoo and saw the birds of preys and the sealions display. We missed the peniguns feeding but we did see them. The kids were so tired after 7 hours of it but we all had a lovely day and the weather was great

Ledodgyherring Fri 02-Jun-06 23:41:05

Glad you had a lovely day. Did you see the hippos? In Chester Zoo near us they always poo against the perspex wall

SparklyGothKat Fri 02-Jun-06 23:42:07

we saw everything!! They had lions and there was baby lions too awwww.

spacecadet Fri 02-Jun-06 23:44:51

im hoping to go to chester zoo soon, its only ten minutes away

Ledodgyherring Fri 02-Jun-06 23:45:22

aww, I love lions. We'll have to go to the zoo soon but it's a bit of a drive, the safari park is nearer but it wrecks your car.

SparklyGothKat Fri 02-Jun-06 23:47:38

and the baby mongoose were so cute... Dh had got sumburnt, how comes I remember to do the kids skin and mine but he forgets??!! lol

Yorkiegirl Fri 02-Jun-06 23:49:17

Message withdrawn

edam Fri 02-Jun-06 23:50:07

Sounds like a fab day. Was it Whipsnade, Sparkly? Only I think you live in Herts, can't think of any other zoos, but have never noticed any penguins there...

SparklyGothKat Fri 02-Jun-06 23:51:23

yes it was Whipsnade, the penguins are right near the back. DS loves penguins and we have to see them EVERY time we go lol

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