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Anyone else following the TT this year ?

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Whizzz Thu 01-Jun-06 20:53:16

Just wondered....

and no I'm not a hairy biker !

Donbean Thu 01-Jun-06 20:55:00

my dh goes as often as he can, went 2 years ago, last year listened to it on the radio.
I wont be, it is a very scary time i think as someone always gets killed

Whizzz Thu 01-Jun-06 20:57:02

2 riders are already critical according to the website. So scary - but they choose to do it knowing the risks - doesn't make it any better does it.

Donbean Thu 01-Jun-06 20:58:58

Oh God no, its just so needless.
My dh loves it and keeps trying to persuade me to go but i dont fancy camping in a cow field with thousands of hairy bikers and no ladies powder room! LOL

Donbean Thu 01-Jun-06 20:59:53

Id go for mad Sunday though for the day.
You can get the boat from Heysham here about 30 mins away from us but its very expensive.

Whizzz Thu 01-Jun-06 21:02:07

I think you are not far from me Donbean !
I've not been since I was 6 months old so don;t remember much but always follow it from afar.

Donbean Thu 01-Jun-06 21:03:11

where are you Whizzz?

Whizzz Thu 01-Jun-06 21:09:56

Lets just say Cheshire - between Liverpool & Manchester to retain an air of mystery !

Donbean Thu 01-Jun-06 21:10:55

Warrington then!
Im outside Blackpool.

Donbean Thu 01-Jun-06 21:11:41

Are you following the TT on the radio or on telly?

Avalon Thu 01-Jun-06 21:11:45

How do you follow it - didn't think it was ever televised?

Donbean Thu 01-Jun-06 21:12:32

It is televised because dh has got footage of it from a couple of years ago im sure

Whizzz Thu 01-Jun-06 21:13:26

Got it in one Don - don't tell !!
At the mo - following online - bits are usually on SKy Men & Motors at odd times too.

Avalon Thu 01-Jun-06 21:15:54

Righto. I've been twice and never seen cameras there.

Can't get M&M any more - it's turned into some kind of quiz show - yuck.

Donbean Thu 01-Jun-06 21:16:34

is foggy competing?

Whizzz Thu 01-Jun-06 21:20:29

Foggy - nooooo. Once saw him at a club meeting a couple of years ago walking down the pit lane - no hangers on or any fuss. Smiled at him as he went past as I thought he was someone I knew & the I realised why he looked so familiar OOps

Whizzz Thu 01-Jun-06 21:21:22

here if you want a link

Donbean Thu 01-Jun-06 21:31:41

thanks, he's usually around with these things isnt he.
Jamie Whittham is doing the moto gp at the mo but he is another one who pops up at these things.

jamese Fri 02-Jun-06 11:15:37

It is definately on Telly at some point as EVERY year DH shouts out for me to come and watch whilst he points out every place the bikes wiss past AT 200 MPH...

He grow up on the IOM and would love to go back there and visit. but not during TT.. he lost about 4 cats over the years..

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