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Why can't i shake myself out of this ??? Sorry i'm moaning again.

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nutcracker Thu 05-Feb-04 09:10:55

Well i'm here moaning again, sorry. Managed to depress myself further by watching relocation relocation last night. Got up this morning and just couldn't function properly, i just keep catching myself standing there staring in to space. I asked a friend to take dd to school as i couldn't face it. My flat looks like a complete tip (no really) and i just can't face tidying it up becuase i know half way through i'll run out of room for things and that will just upset me more. Dp said to me last night that he just can't underdstand whats the matter with me just latley and that i should pull myself together and stop moping about. Perhaps he's right but i just can't.

Coddy Thu 05-Feb-04 09:36:48

Ok so what need to be done to sort your flat out?

Angeliz Thu 05-Feb-04 09:39:22

nutcracker, i don't know too much about your situation, i've read a tiny bit about it. I just wanted to say that i hope you are feeling better soon as i read your post and felt for you.
You have given me some good advice/info on other threads,(asthma one), and i hope a few positive vibes are coming your way

nutcracker Thu 05-Feb-04 10:11:05

Thanx Angeliz

Coddy - It's just one big mess really. It's my own fault cos i've just let it get wrse and worse. I have no system anymore. Things get cleaned when they start to look dirty (well eventually). I used to give the kids bedroom a good tidy at least once a week but i've given up on it cos it's messy again within half an hour, i used to make sure that all the toys were tidied away every night so i could at least get up to a clean flat but i've stopped doing that too, i just climb over them now.
My washing and ironing is the bigggest problem. I constantly have a full washing basket becuase i can only do 1-2 loads a day because of limited drying space and i can only iron so much at once becuase of there not being ebough room to put it away.
It's not that we have too much stuff either, i regularly have a clear out and am really ruthless, but it's just not working. I was considering paying someone to do me a bit of ironing a week but i can't really afford it and dp thinks it's a stupid idea.
My mom reckons that it's because i really don't want to be here. Which is true really because when we lived in the house in Great Barr i didn't have these probs (o.k i still had the ironing prob).

Coddy Thu 05-Feb-04 10:15:12

could you not take big things to use a lunderttes's dryers?

nutcracker Thu 05-Feb-04 10:20:31

I could only really do that of a weekend as i don't drive so couldn't really get to one with the pushchair too.
My dp is right really, i do need to pull myself together but i'm just finding it so hard to find anything posotive about my life at the mo. I should be grateful fo what i've got, i know there are worse situations i could be in.
I think that we really are going to have to consider moving away if it means we can get moved quicker.

ks Thu 05-Feb-04 10:21:22

Message withdrawn

Angeliz Thu 05-Feb-04 10:24:19

nitcracker, you can get these net things from Ikea that hang in a corner for toys( lots of little shelves, but take up very little space), how about a few of those for t.shirts,vests,folded jumpers?
Or a few big hooks on your bedroom wall for shirts and trousers?
Just a few thoughts as if it is this mainly making you feel down, any little help to get on top of it may lift you spirits!

Angeliz Thu 05-Feb-04 10:26:03

BTW i understand that the wasn't isn't the REAL issue getting you down. just if you could take tiny steps to make you feel a bit more positive!

Angeliz Thu 05-Feb-04 10:26:19

the WASHING!!!!!!

nutcracker Thu 05-Feb-04 10:27:07

I was supposed to go to the docs yesterday to admitt defeat and ask for ad's but i chickened out. It wasn't my normal doctor and i felt a bit uncomfortable pouring my heart out to a complete stranger. I was seeing a psychiatrist but he discharged me just before xmas as i wasn't feeling to bad then and he said that he couldn't really help me much anyway because he couldn't help with the housing.
I know that i have got worse since then as i'm having trouble sleeping and my appetite is all over the place.

nutcracker Thu 05-Feb-04 10:31:15

Angeliz - I have several of those net things, and lots of shelves. Dp isn't the best at diy so we are a bit limited in that respect. We downsized from a 3 piece suite to a 2 seater and a 3 seater, and are still contemplating wether to get rid of the table and chairs. We do have 3 really spacious storage cupboards but they are useless as they get damp. We have had lots of stuff ruined, including a t.v, photo's of the kids and dp's signed football shirts.

ks Thu 05-Feb-04 10:32:49

Message withdrawn

saintshar Thu 05-Feb-04 10:33:06

Nutcracker, sorry i haven't been following your story, i haven't been around a lot lately. But i get the gist of your problem. You sound depressed to me. Not just fed up, but really depressed. Have you been to your doctor about this? Maybe they could write a letter to someone saying that you need to be moved because of medical reasons.
You can't go on like this, someone should be helping you to sort this out. Dp telling you to pull yourself together can't be helping either. If only it was that easy.

saintshar Thu 05-Feb-04 10:34:31

Great minds think alike ks!!

nutcracker Thu 05-Feb-04 10:39:21

My g.p, h/v and psychiatrist have all written letters for me and the council did eventually award me medical priority but really this just means that i get stuck on another big list with lots of other people that have medical priority and still have a very long wait. They have told me that i could get moved quicker if i put down otjher areas but i am so scared of doing this as it wouldn't be what i really wanted and i have to accept the first offer they give me or my points get taken off me.
I know i'm not coping at all well, i feel quite anxious and nervous all of the time, which isn't like me.

Sonnet Thu 05-Feb-04 10:42:36

I have been following your threads nutcracker and I do feel for you - you have been so proactive in trying to get a new homeu have just hit brickwall after brickwall..
I echo what saintshar and KS say - go you your GP...
Have you got the energy to contact your MP and put forward your case and those empty houses you've found
Also, what about contacting your local paper with your plight and the empty house scenario

An idea about your damp cupboards: Are they large enough to store plastic boxes in? so could you store things in the plastic boxes and then in the cupboard?. I bough some good ones with lids from a cheap shop last week complete with lids for only £2 each. I've got one spare that I'll happily send you if you email me your address....

Thinking of you and sending positive vibes...........

nutcracker Thu 05-Feb-04 11:39:57

Thanks for the offer Sonnet but we've tried that. We had a plastic box in there with shoes in and they all went mouldy. The h/a fitted a dehumidifer last year which has helped a bit but not completely. We are going to go and see the m.p as soon as we can find out where and when the surgeries are held, but apparently all of the empty houses have been allocated. I just don't feel i've got the strength to argue at the mo.
My friend has said that she'll take me to the housing office on Castle Vale tommorow so i can give them the letter from my psychiatrist and basically shout and cry at them too. I don't even really want to live on there but i can't stay here either.

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