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Do you know your Brent or Shakespeare???

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twiglett Wed 04-Feb-04 21:13:47

message withdrawn

jennifersofia Wed 04-Feb-04 21:31:32

Is it me? When I clicked on the link I was told that no such site existed. I would be interested because I am doing an English Literature degree at the moment (at the end of it) which has only included 1 half year of Shakespeare...

popsycal Wed 04-Feb-04 21:36:10

5 out of 12

Hulababy Wed 04-Feb-04 21:40:00

Even worse - 4

twiglett Wed 04-Feb-04 21:41:31

message withdrawn

mothernature Wed 04-Feb-04 21:45:07

I got 5 right!
As Joseph Heller said: "Some... have mediocrity thrust upon them"

Eowyn Wed 04-Feb-04 21:46:13

8. woohoooo.

sobernow Wed 04-Feb-04 21:51:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stupidgirl Wed 04-Feb-04 21:51:45

7...not great. All the ones I thought I knew I got wrong.

lydialemon Wed 04-Feb-04 21:54:48

8 as well, I'm going to get smarty pants DH to do it now.

lydialemon Wed 04-Feb-04 21:59:44

Yes!! DH only got 7. I feel smug now

susanmt Thu 05-Feb-04 01:46:05

7. But I chose Geography over English at Uni in the end (it was a close thing) and so I feel that it is all that can be expected of me. If it was a quiz about volcanoes I'd do a bit better!

libb Thu 05-Feb-04 06:59:00

6 here - which makes me feel quietly chuffed. I will get DP to do it later . . .

emmatmg Thu 05-Feb-04 07:17:58

5......and half of those were guess work!

pie Thu 05-Feb-04 08:12:24

I got 8 as well.

Azure Thu 05-Feb-04 08:55:51

9 for me too. Don't know my Peter Andre and embarrasingly thought Brent was Tennyson!

motherinferior Thu 05-Feb-04 09:10:30

I got nine, and missed the Hamlet which is embarrassing as have two degrees in English...

eddm Thu 05-Feb-04 09:44:34

10 right, hurrah but it says 'no-one likes a smart alec'. Still got Tennyson and David Brent confused though!

bobsmum Thu 05-Feb-04 10:03:56

9 - didn't know my Elvis though..that's forgiveable surely?

Posey Thu 05-Feb-04 20:22:28

7 for me. Better than I expected.

CountessDracula Thu 05-Feb-04 20:26:23

Blimey I got 11 - don't know any Peter Andre and Bob Dylan was a guess though...

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