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What's that site that has your details from the electoral register on it?

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madmarchhare Thu 01-Jun-06 11:11:50

Sorry, I know it been around a few times lately but I cant find it. Cheers.

grumpyfrumpy Thu 01-Jun-06 11:13:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

madmarchhare Thu 01-Jun-06 11:18:42

Thats not the one I have seen on here before. You didnt have to register to see the details. Although I must say I didnt realise that there were loads of them.

madmarchhare Thu 01-Jun-06 11:19:22

noreply or something or other, Ive googled as well but cant see anything.

madmarchhare Thu 01-Jun-06 11:20:44

d'oh, sorry, I meant to type 'b4u' not 'no reply' - I'm trying to do ten things at once here.

LotosEater Thu 01-Jun-06 11:21:57


madmarchhare Thu 01-Jun-06 11:23:30

Thats the one, thank you.

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