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DD - angelina ballerina theme for 4th birthday party; off putting to the boys attending?

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handlemecarefully Wed 31-May-06 21:39:04

So if I go ahead with an overtly Angelina B
Ballerina themed party for my 4 yr old dd (all the tableware, decorations etc etc) is this alienating for 4 year old boys. She has a few friends who are boys.

I'm thinking the boys won't give a damn...but perhaps I am wrong? May be they will baulk at all the pink and girly stuff?

emkana Wed 31-May-06 21:39:56

IME boys of that age aren't that bothered yet.

Dd1's fourth birthday party was very pink and princess-y and the boys seemed very happy.

handlemecarefully Wed 31-May-06 21:40:51

That's good - because dd would really love an Angelina party

fattiemumma Wed 31-May-06 21:42:46

i doubt they will be bothered really...far more interested in the cake and jelly than plate it comes on.

sansouci Wed 31-May-06 21:43:05

no, dont worry, boys could care less as long as there's cake & sweets. dd has 5 girls and 16 boys in her class & they had the Little Mermaid last year & this year it will be Little Kitty. no worries at this age (my dd will be 6).

handlemecarefully Wed 31-May-06 21:43:47

Great - I'll go and order the stuff then! Hurrah!

sansouci Wed 31-May-06 21:47:39

Have fun!

handlemecarefully Wed 31-May-06 21:56:39

Thanks we will....

could be sick of Angelina by the end of it however!

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