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DH wants "permission" to go to Israel for a week

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milge Wed 31-May-06 17:12:38

DH has been invited to go on a work funded week long trip to Israel, to learn about the election process etc. He will be travelling in a group of 10 with special security measures.He has now put the ball in my court, asking for "permission". He will be staying in Tel Aviv and taking trips to Jersalem, etc. Should I be worried or are the odds of him being hurt overthere just as great as in London/New York. He very much wants to go, and I agree in principle.However, him making a big fuss has put some doubt in my mind. Am I being a wuss?

nothercules Wed 31-May-06 17:13:41

I would let him go.

foxinsocks Wed 31-May-06 17:14:48

sounds like a great opportunity

as they have special security measures, I'm sure he'll be fine

has he been to countries like this before? have been to Israel and I found it fascinating but like all these countries, as long as you show respect to the locals, he should be OK

Twiglett Wed 31-May-06 17:15:11

I'd let him go

I had Israeli friends come over here just after 9/11 and they were petrified of the bomb threats

because over there everyone is mega-aware and security conscious

amazing country btw

Chandra Wed 31-May-06 17:16:08

If DH asked for permission to do something I will say "no" just to find out how it feels like

Now, more seriously, I think that he may not be so sure it is the right thing to do, so maybe he is placing the ball on your ground so you can help him decide if he really should go or not?

Twiglett Wed 31-May-06 17:17:19

sorry .. here being London

milge Wed 31-May-06 17:17:27

its the permission thing that is bothering me - as if I have to "let him go". I don't wish to hold him back, but when he started telling me about it, I was expecting him to say he has 2 days to live, the fuss he made...

Twiglett Wed 31-May-06 17:17:45

"the ball in your court" chandra

milge Wed 31-May-06 17:19:14

its almost as if he is saying - If i get blown up, you said it would be ok and I could go, don't blame me! silly I know, but I wish he had been more "normal" when discussing it..

foxinsocks Wed 31-May-06 17:20:06

lol milge

sounds like he is doing the very man thing of waiting for you to say ok so if it all goes wrong, he can say 'well you said it was alright!'

foxinsocks Wed 31-May-06 17:20:34

oops x-post!

Gem13 Wed 31-May-06 17:25:13

It sounds like he doesn't want to go and is looking for a way out - 'sorry chaps, the missus says no'!.

I was on Tel Aviv beach when a bomb went off and killed a Canadian girl there one year and DH and I went out for a week in 2001, the week before and after there were bombs!

Lovely country - dodgy politics (putting it mildly) - but I really felt 'at home' there (Israelite in a previous life?), all very strange.

Twiglett Wed 31-May-06 17:29:25

I think he's nervous because of news coverage

I'd tell him you understand and appreciate him asking you but it really has to be his decision .. ball firmly in his court

milge Wed 31-May-06 17:34:05

Good plan, Twiglett, thanks!

Chandra Wed 31-May-06 17:38:03

Twigglet, at this point in my life I'm more than happy if people could barely understand what I'm trying to say

What if he put the ball in a playground, would it still be on "her court"?

Hijack ended.

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