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Happy Birthday Tanzie

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Hulababy Wed 04-Feb-04 08:39:40

Hope you have a nice day off work, with DH.

marthamoo Wed 04-Feb-04 08:52:47

Happy Birthday from me too. Are you going to post a picture when you get your *makeover* done?

motherinferior Wed 04-Feb-04 08:54:18

Happy burfday too yooooooo!

pie Wed 04-Feb-04 11:22:41

Happy Birthday Tanzie

tanzie Sun 15-Feb-04 22:11:32

How did I miss this?
Thank you very much, all of you!

Lisa78 Sun 15-Feb-04 22:29:53

happy burpday Tanzie! How old were you?

Lisa78 Sun 15-Feb-04 22:30:27

sorry, how old are you?!!

Must have been a busy mumsnet moment, cos I missed it too

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