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Can i buy a Zip up cotton babygro for my 19 months old?

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biglips Mon 29-May-06 10:34:15

as atm she got buttons ones and she is forever having shitty accidents in her cot cos she takes off her babygro

pls help!

biglips Mon 29-May-06 10:56:04


fuzzywuzzy Mon 29-May-06 11:16:36

here they go from newborn to 6years, but they are pretty big in size. Scroll down to the relevant item of clothing.

biglips Mon 29-May-06 11:18:29

the link is not working

BROWNY Mon 29-May-06 11:27:31

hiya biglips, go to and go to COMING SOON, click on there and scroll down, they are selling zip up grow bags up to the age of 3 years old for only £7.00, I am ordering two!

biglips Mon 29-May-06 11:29:46

hiya browny ..... i think you might have mispelt it as cant find the website

i was gagging this morning and NOT impressed with DD

BROWNY Mon 29-May-06 11:38:16

SORRY, Tchibo - I've just ordered two and lovely socks as well!

biglips Mon 29-May-06 11:48:03

wow they are cheap!!

biglips Mon 29-May-06 11:49:52

omg! and also there are the bed sheets that im exactly looking for !

buy buy!!!

biglips Mon 29-May-06 11:52:53

browny - how much is the P&P? as cant seem to find that info

alexw Mon 29-May-06 12:46:00

Any idea what tog rating it is??

BROWNY Mon 29-May-06 12:56:57

It just says it's a lightweight cotton sleeping bag. The flat rate postage is £3.95.

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