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When did your dd/ds have their first hair cut?

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Tiggerish Sun 28-May-06 20:32:56

My ds was born with loads of hair and never lost any. He had regular trims from about 6 months. dd though is 12 months and is still rather challenged in that direction! (a bit like her dad! )

franke Sun 28-May-06 20:34:54

dd 3.5 and ds 2 have never had a haircut apart from ds's fringe (which I do myself, badly)

WigWamBam Sun 28-May-06 20:35:55

My dd was nearly 3 before she had any hair worth speaking of, and 3.5 before she had it cut the first time ... and then only because she was desperate to have it done, not because it needed it.

notagrannyyet Tue 30-May-06 14:03:45

none of mine had any hair until they were 3. Didn't bother me with the boys but I used to get upset when people mistook my only girl for a boy.That's why I always dressed her in pink. It was nothing to do with fact that MIL & SIL told me when I was pregnant that they hated the colour pink!

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