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Careful in this rainy weather crossing the road

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oliveoil Tue 03-Feb-04 15:31:32

I went shopping yesterday with dd and was waiting on the island in the middle of the road for the lights to change. Green man appeared but I had a strong feeling to wait for the cars driving up to stop at the line. A car went into a skid and overshot the line by about a metre. The poor driver went white and waved 'sorry' at me and I know it wasn't her fault but if I had been crossing over......doesn't bear thinking about.

Please please be careful in this heavy rain at the mo, don't mean to scaremonger but it was a bit of a worry. Those gut instincts are strong things, don't ignore them.

handlemecarefully Tue 03-Feb-04 15:37:49

Oh blimey - whatever you do don't watch the film 'Final Destination' now! (just joking)

Mightly relieved you had this premonition - phew!

oliveoil Tue 03-Feb-04 15:38:51

I have these weird premonitions all the time, maybe I am a witch...

Go on then, what's in the film?

handlemecarefully Tue 03-Feb-04 15:43:31

Oh no - wish I hadn't mentioned it now!- that was a mistake!

...okay the film is about people having premonitions about an impending accident and then being able to take steps to avoid it...but they can't cheat 'death's grand design' and the grim reaper gets them by another method in the end.

Feel really guilty about mentioning it now - hope you are not superstitious! - the film is a load of old twaddle and Hollywood nonsense of course.

Just pleased you manage to avoid an accident - and impressed at your 6th sense. Also - I am guilty of immediately starting to cross the road when the green man comes on - won't do that any more!

oliveoil Tue 03-Feb-04 15:50:31

Hmmmmmmm, not heard of that film, sounds up my street (being a weirdo).

Janh Tue 03-Feb-04 16:21:24

I *almost* always wait for the cars to stop at peilican and zebra crossings - purely because I know I'm not always 100% with it when I'm driving!

StressyHead Tue 03-Feb-04 17:09:37

message withdrawn

emsiewill Tue 03-Feb-04 23:21:09

I'm always cautious on crossings after seeing an accident once. The car at the front of the queue stopped, but the van behind wasn't paying attention, and slammed into the car, pushing it right across the crossing. Luckily, there was no-one on the crossing (fairly early morning), but I've never forgotten it.

SofiaAmes Wed 04-Feb-04 01:04:19

Ds and missed getting runover at a zebra crossing by inches year before last. Ds was still toddling and halfway across the crossing I paused to look down at him as he tripped (he was holding my hand). While we paused, a car overtook at 30mph the car that stopped for us and whizzed past us. I always double check what's coming in the distance now at zebra crossings.

handlemecarefully Wed 04-Feb-04 08:38:27

Flippin 'eck,

I didn't realise that crossings were such potential accident blackspots!

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