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Painting and decorating

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Tasa Sun 28-May-06 13:32:54

I'm painitng my daughter's bedroom and thought I could remove a border and then paint over the wallpaper but the border isn't coming off at all- any tips? Should I go and buy a wallpaper stripper/steamer?

WelshBoris Sun 28-May-06 13:37:03

try wetting the border

Freckle Sun 28-May-06 13:37:48

Have you tried soaking it? Mind you, any steps you take to remove the border might well remove the wallpaper underneath.

Beauregard Sun 28-May-06 13:41:48

You could hire a steamer.

Tasa Sun 28-May-06 13:54:59

would the steamer remove only the border?

TheLadyVanishes Sun 28-May-06 19:44:07

have hired a steamer and ladders from lord hire this weekend, it cost in total around 33 pounds. The steamer is huge and we only needed to remove a boarder from the top of the wall and the middle (its taken half the paint with it so we have had to buy some polycell basepaint) its looking ok at the moment and we are hoping to paint tomorrow

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