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Fat legs - long boots

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kizzie Tue 03-Feb-04 13:32:40

Before I had children and was a size 8/10 i could wear whatever I wanted.
Now that I am very definately NOT a size 8/10 or in fact anything even close I HATE that roll of fat that sticks out of the top of long boots.
Just sat at my desk looking at it now.
Sure it must be a DVT risk or something.
But more importantly it just makes my legs look like jelly.
Sorry - just needed to get that off my chest.
Am now doing violent calf clenching exercise to reduce the flab.

donnie Tue 03-Feb-04 13:55:18

I k now how you feel Kizzie. I too was a sylph - 7 stone 2 lbs - when I was in my early 20s. Now a child later ( and several years) I am a hefty 8 stone 10 lbs and feel like a real minger compared to how I used to look ! The question is - how far are you prepared to go to address this situation ? dieting? exercise? liposuction?!!! seriously though,I don't think I'll ever get back to my thin days but I wouldn't mind losing half a stone.I am planning to give up drinking alcohol for lent and hopeing that makes a diiference as me and hubby are biggish wine drinkers.

Sonnet Tue 03-Feb-04 13:57:27

LOL Kizzie - I'm the same as you.....
Donnie - I'm onthe wine giving it up for lent sounds like a good idea..We can start a thread about it!

donnie Tue 03-Feb-04 14:08:27

hey sonnet, last night I was actually wondering if I would be able to get away with some secret wine drinking during lent so my hubby didn't find out! I hope I'm not a budding alcoholic! trouble is we have wine about 5 or 6 nights a week and I really look forward to it.Oh well , if I lose a few pounds it's worth it I guess. Good idea about starting a thread about it - a support line maybe, to get us through!

WideWebWitch Wed 04-Feb-04 10:10:47

Kizzie, there was a thread about this ages and ages ago and it turned out that lots and lots of mumsnetters couldn't get boots to fit over their calves. It didn't seem to matter if you were slim really, it seems manufacturers do make them very snug. So at least you can get boots that do up over your calves! Small mercies and all that...

SecondhandRose Wed 04-Feb-04 20:15:20

Evans to a fab range of boots for the larger calves.

Coddy Wed 04-Feb-04 20:38:45

When I started at ww years ago it recommended that you masure wverywhere. I included my quite slim legs and still lost an inch off them!

I recommend getting some stretch boots

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