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My DS makes me laugh

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Ponka Sat 27-May-06 22:08:25

I've recently had the following conversation with DS1 (just turning 2):

DS: "Wassat?"
Me: "A Rhino"
DS: "A Rhino. Wassat?"
Me: "That's it's horn"
DS: "Goes Beep Beep"

He also keeps calling Winnie the Pooh, "We need a poo"!

juuule Sat 27-May-06 22:12:47


EmmaKB Sat 27-May-06 23:37:41

A toddler's favoutite word "wassat". We get "whats Thomas doing Mammy" (thomas the tank) over and over again. Sometimes he even asks the 8 week old baby "whats thomas doing baby".
The best thing about being a parent - The laughs that you have at the things our kids say. They are sooooo cute.

Xavielli Sun 28-May-06 00:01:04


Everytime we walk through the front door my DS (17mnths) says "Poppa cuppa teeee!"

Everytime his Grampy walks through the door he says "Ahhh time for a proper cup of tea"

Little cutie! (My son,not my Dad!)

threelittlebabies Sun 28-May-06 00:07:57

2 gems from 3.5yo ds today:

"Alex and Sam!" instead of Alakazam

"Old man!" instead of "Oh man!" a la swiper the fox from Dora the Explorer.

Made me

Chandra Sun 28-May-06 00:09:46

For DS Winnie Pooh is Windy Poo...

Ponka Mon 29-May-06 20:48:45

Awwww. Great. So cute, all of them.

I've got a friend who keeps a list of all the little gems like this that his kids have said for the future. Think I'll start one myself. You soon forget.

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