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tootiredtotalk Sat 27-May-06 12:34:03

Ola Allie from Gran Canaria. Couldnt remember your mobile number, so thought id track you down on here. I went to a great plaza yesterday with really cheap sandels for little ones. I bought Alana a pair and thought of you. What size is bil and ill grab her a pair if you want. hey are lovely. Having a great time. Weather been hitting 33 most days. Alana been ok, but a little miserable on the first few days. Not eating a great deal, but drinking plenty of milk and water. Dont think she will waste away in 2 weeks. Lots of sickness and stuff in the hotel so fingers crossed she doesnt come down with that. Ill check on this message a little later on to see if you have replied. Off to sunbathe. x x x

AllieBongo Sat 27-May-06 13:13:41

Hola chici! WE MISS YOU! It's cold and boring and i miss my mate. So glad you're having a nice time, and you're right, the bird will not waste away. Would love a pair in white if poss size 4! Enjoy the rest of your hols, take care and see you soon x x x
You made my day

tootiredtotalk Sun 28-May-06 11:59:25

great, ill get a pair when we go back this week.

AllieBongo Sun 28-May-06 12:03:42

hello! is it nice and warm?

tootiredtotalk Sun 28-May-06 12:11:04

bit overcast today. john in room having a kip and im just lounging around with bird. Gonna run out of credit in a mo. Give el and bil big kissy from me and alana and we´ll catch up real soon. How you fixed for next wednesday......

AllieBongo Sun 28-May-06 12:12:37

it's a date! enjoy and be safe, hugs and kisses from us all x

tootiredtotalk Mon 29-May-06 08:10:38

by next thursday i meant 7th june. hope thats ok. x

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