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Would like to meet... single parents/people looking for w/e activities

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salt Tue 03-Feb-04 08:59:31

DD and I are always looking for things to do on a weekend and are often running out of things to do in our local area or people (with children) to do things with!

If their are any other parents here who find themselves in a similar situation - speak up!

I'd like to start exchanging emails/chatting with people in similar situations and maybe arrange weekend outings in each others local area/meet ups etc.

mammya Tue 03-Feb-04 09:08:05

That's a very good idea Salt, we often find ourselves not doing much at the weekend as most of my friends with children are not single and see weekends as family time. There are usually a few things to do on Saturdays but Sundays especially can be a bit difficult to fill if you don't have much money to spend, especially if the weather is bad. Where do you live? I'm in East London.

kaz33 Tue 03-Feb-04 09:13:34

Not single but partner travels a lot sometimes encompassing weekends - this month he will be away for the next 2 and a half weekends.

I live in West London and have two pretty young kids, but interested in meeting other people.

salt Tue 03-Feb-04 09:15:14

Mammya - exactly the same and I'm sure there must be others too. How old are your children?

I live just off the M1 so basically within a couple of hours I can get to most places by car or train.

But I was thinking even if too far away from one person, there maybe somebody else near by etc

salt Tue 03-Feb-04 09:16:06

Kaz33, my dd is 19months so fairly young as well.

sykes Tue 03-Feb-04 09:18:37

Great idea, Salt. I have two daughters: four and two. Was thinking of asking tech for a single parents' section on here - what do you think. Am in Surrey at the moment and very up for stuff at w/ends.

mammya Tue 03-Feb-04 09:25:56

I have 1 dd who'll be 3 on the 21st. I don't have a car which doesn't make things easier... A single parents section would be a good idea, I think it's been mentioned before but there wasn't much interest IIRC

kaz33 Tue 03-Feb-04 09:34:17

Ds1 2 and a half and DS2 8 months

salt Tue 03-Feb-04 09:41:30

There seems to be a fair few single parents on mumsent at the moment, perhaps a section would be useful?!

Besides in half an hour we've already got Beds/Bucks (me)
East London(Mammya)
west london (Kaz33)
Surrey (Sykes)

Mammya are there any parks/museums or anything that are easily accessible to you without a car?

mammya Tue 03-Feb-04 09:46:05

Yes, lots of parks in my area, the museum of childhood is not very far and is free and fab, but done them to death... Also Epping Forest is not far, but don't like to go on my own. It's also fairly easy for me to get to Central London by public transport but that always mean spending quite a lot of money somehow, so can't do it all that often. We went to the Chinese new year celebrations in China Town and that was fantastic (dd can't get over seeing dragons) despite the huuuuuge crowds.

salt Tue 03-Feb-04 09:49:17

Central London is easy for me too as direct train then can bus/taxi or tube.

What about other free museums like Science museum etc sorry not sure exactly where it is so just a thought and would love to take dd as have heard great things!!

mammya Tue 03-Feb-04 09:52:08

Science museum is in South Kensington, it's great, they have lots of activities suitable for even very little children. Also the Natural History Museum (next door to Science Museum) for the dinosaurs. I think the Tate Gallery have also activities for children, but have never taken dd, need to find out more about it.

Twinkie Tue 03-Feb-04 09:53:47

Can I jpin in - I am single when DP is at Highbury every weekend (or traipsing half way round the country to watch bloody Arsenal!!) although only have DD every other weekend now.

sb34 Tue 03-Feb-04 09:57:48

Message withdrawn

mammya Tue 03-Feb-04 09:58:41

There's also an adventure playground on Parliament Hill in Hampstead. Have never been myself but supposed to be good.

salt Tue 03-Feb-04 09:58:55

Twinkie of course!!

not just for single parents - anybody who would be interested in meeting others at weekends etc is more than welcome.

West London isn't too bad for me to get to either, Surrey is a bit to far for me to travel but Sykes, if you drive or have easy access to train etc could meet somewhere inbetween. Maybe West London around Kaz33s area maybe?

sobernow Tue 03-Feb-04 10:04:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mammya Tue 03-Feb-04 10:05:52

The link doesn't work, Sobernow.

sobernow Tue 03-Feb-04 10:06:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sykes Tue 03-Feb-04 10:06:37

I'm very happy to drive - have never driven so much in my life since h left. I'm very close to the M25 - junction six. Regularly go to Hertfordshire/Oxfordshire/Central London to see friends so, as long as I plan my route, should be fine. West London not too bad to get to.

Twinkie Tue 03-Feb-04 10:08:18

I'm in SE9 and am more than happy to host a mumsnet coffee morning/afternoon if everyone wants to come (and like I don't mean everyone - would be funny if hundreds of people turned up!!) DP off to Rugby Match on 20th March and I have DD that weekend - we could all go for a walk in the park (nice park BTW) and then come back for coffee and lunch - if everyone bought something it would not be too bad.

I am just off of the A2 or A20 - not hard to get to at all - about 35 mins from SBs in Surrey and no time at all on the train from London Bridge, Charring Cross, Victoria or Cannon Street.

mammya Tue 03-Feb-04 10:09:06

West London not so good for me, although can do it.
I have found this for information about things to do for free or almost free in London.

sb34 Tue 03-Feb-04 10:10:08

Message withdrawn

mammya Tue 03-Feb-04 10:20:45

I found some info about activities at Tate Britain, it's the art trolley

mammya Tue 03-Feb-04 10:22:26

Would love to come to your coffee morning, Twinkie!

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