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Valentines Day Presents

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fairydust Mon 02-Feb-04 23:14:03

I have to get dh a present for valentines day.

And i am so useless so i just wondered what u lot r getting your dh/dp's

I know you'd think after all these years i'd have some idea but i'm so crap at present buying.

GeorginaA Mon 02-Feb-04 23:17:21

I think I'm going to chicken out and do some baking - thought I'd make a cake or heart shaped cookies or something. Mainly because I'm broke and out of ideas

gingernut Mon 02-Feb-04 23:54:31

I've bought some nice choccies and will cook a special meal. We have been together a long time and I have run out of inspired ideas!

How about planning a nice day out somewhere, or organising a babysitter so you can go out in the evening? I think once you've got kids some time spent together is pretty special.

handlemecarefully Tue 03-Feb-04 08:37:24


Well perhaps a card....

Is there hope for us?

Bozza Tue 03-Feb-04 08:53:23

A card.

Possibly might bake with DS. Kill two birds with one stone - DS loves baking, DH enjoys results.

fio2 Tue 03-Feb-04 08:56:18

what valentines day?

FairyMum Tue 03-Feb-04 09:03:34

Not sure this year. Will follow this thread for ideas!
Last year I got DH a massage in Holmes Place

Debbiethemum Tue 03-Feb-04 09:04:16

We have MIL coming down for the weekend and looking after DS. DH & I are going back to the hotel where we had our first (and only) dirty weekend away soon after we first met, seven years ago.

DH knows about this but doesn't know I've picked one of the honeymoon rooms with 4 poster bed, flowers & champagne. I will probably get some champagne glasses as well as we don't have more than two that match.

It might seem a bit OTT but it is our first night away from DH (2y 8m) and I'm pregnant so probably another three years before we do it again.

Just hoping that nothing goes wrong

Debbiethemum Tue 03-Feb-04 09:29:05

Sorry didn't mean to kill the thread but I am sooo looking forward to the weekend.

beetroot Tue 03-Feb-04 09:37:12

Message withdrawn

Rhubarb Tue 03-Feb-04 09:43:17

I haven't even got a birthday present yet!

SpringChicken Tue 03-Feb-04 09:46:48

Oohhh i will follow this one too - got absolutely no idea what to get DP ! We didn't bother last year as were a bit brassic so would be nice to make an effort this year.

katierocket Tue 03-Feb-04 09:47:13

right I'm going to be a right humbug here but have never really 'got' Valentines day. think it's just commercial con and another way for retailers to get us to spend money. I would much prefer to get a romantic gesture of a day i wasn't expecting it.

(before I get shouted down - I obviously realise that lots of people do enjoy Valentines day )

Twinkie Tue 03-Feb-04 09:48:15

ooohhh not sure what to get him - now this thread will have me worrying for the next 2 weeks!!

Last year he got me a lovely neclace and earrings from Tiffanys (although I have never worn the earrings as they are drop ones and I think they don't suit me!!) and I got him some lovely links silver cufflinks but I can't get him the same again this year???

May go for a night away or just some clothes - depending onhow broke I am next week!!!

aloha Tue 03-Feb-04 09:58:00

I personally hate being out on Valentine's day. It makes me feel very self conscious and naff! We're going for dinner with friends (total coincidence) and we're joking about how conspicious a foursome will be on Valentine's day! still, a cake or a night away from home are extremely nice on any day of the year. Never do presents.

aloha Tue 03-Feb-04 10:06:49

Though flowers are nice too!

handlemecarefully Tue 03-Feb-04 10:07:56


Maybe onlookers will think that all 4 of you are romantically involved in some sort of group 'love -in'. Sorry to tease!

sobernow Tue 03-Feb-04 10:09:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Twinkie Tue 03-Feb-04 10:10:52

W are going out with 8 other people - 4 couples - the restaurant laughed and said we were the only table who weren't a 2!!

sb34 Tue 03-Feb-04 10:12:21

Message withdrawn

fio2 Tue 03-Feb-04 10:17:33


fio2 Tue 03-Feb-04 10:17:37


fairydust Tue 03-Feb-04 10:51:33

Debbiethemum - that sounds fab i hope you have a fantastic weekend

Thomcat Tue 03-Feb-04 11:10:22

A couple of years back I decided that I would shave my hair(down there!!) into a heart shape!!! I held a pastry cutter there and tried to shave round it. Note the word tried! It didn't work, looked nothing like a heart just an odd looking circle!! Still it made us both laugh for ages so it wasn't all bad.

This year, I've bought 2 really lovely cards that aren't Valentines cards they just struck a chord when I saw them a while ago and I'll write something special in them. I don't really go in for the idea of over blown grand gestures or over-priced gifts. I'd rather run him a bath and wash his hair for him or something along those lines, something I wouldn't normally do.

Maybe I’ll get a Brazilian this year!!

spacemonkey Tue 03-Feb-04 11:13:13


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