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Lill Sun 27-Jan-02 21:53:51

anyone tried the choccie biscuit trick as seen on this weeks so show - it is truly wonderful,
but dont just take my word for it try it for your self. No wonder I battle with my weight! Bet Natilie Umbruglxfciusfi (whatever her name is!) doesnt eat for a week after doing it!

Kia Sun 27-Jan-02 21:56:50

Tell me everything!! I missed the delightful g norton esq so tell me NOW NOW NOW!!!

Lill Sun 27-Jan-02 22:11:45

receipe: 1 hot tea/coffee & 1 chocolate penguin or similiar biscuit

method: bite off 2 opposite corners of said biccy.
dunk bottom bitten off corner into drink and suck through top bitten off corner. As soon as you taste the drink coming through you are ready for the choccogasm. - remove biccy from cup, turn it round, tip back head and bite. feel the warm melted choc run over your tongue nfnnffv - oh i cant stand it any more im off to put the kettle on

Lill Sun 27-Jan-02 23:01:55

Anyone had a go yet?

Ailsa Sun 27-Jan-02 23:08:30

No, going shopping tomorrow, guess what's first on the list? Yep, Penguins. I might get everyone at work to try it, they're usually up for a laugh. That way we can all look like fools together.

Did you try it Lill?

Lill Sun 27-Jan-02 23:12:14

unfortunatly for my waste line I have tried 'it' rather too many times!

Ailsa Sun 27-Jan-02 23:14:43

Did anyone see last weeks G.Norton when the leg fell off Eddie Irvine's chair, and the naff christmas presents.

ON this weeks I loved 'Tina Turnip' - if that's what primary school teaching does to you, I'm glad that's not the age group I'm aiming for, or does it get worse as they get older?

Lill Sun 27-Jan-02 23:15:31

Btw, what I lack in libido I make up for in my desire for choc!

Ailsa Sun 27-Jan-02 23:19:37

Couldn't agree more, give me choccie any day - shame the diet starts tomorrow. No no no, I'm not going to call it a diet otherwise I'll start feeling guilty if I slip a bit, I'm just cutting down.

Ailsa Mon 28-Jan-02 20:50:18

Just tried it! There's only one thing I can say - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ailsa Mon 28-Jan-02 20:52:00

Just tried it! There's only one thing I can say - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ailsa Mon 28-Jan-02 20:53:30

So good I had to say it twice!

Kia Mon 28-Jan-02 20:56:04

Stop it now! I've got to finish work before I can get to my penguin stash!

star Mon 28-Jan-02 21:12:06

Message withdrawn

jasper Tue 29-Jan-02 01:03:08

Try it with a (whole box of ) chocolate finger (s)
Begin the diet tomorrow. Or the next day.

Bron Tue 29-Jan-02 09:30:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chelle Wed 30-Jan-02 04:52:50

Hey guys, this is an old Australian custom done with a magical biscuit called the TimTam! Locally known as the TimTam orgasm! I spent many happy nights studying at uni (many years ago!) with a hot coffee and packet of TimTams close at hand!

Kia Wed 30-Jan-02 08:46:30

Did it last night in full view of husband and footie on tv. Marvellous!

Sid Wed 30-Jan-02 09:52:36

Bron, was the conductor from Bristol or in Bristol? I live in Bristol and would love to sing in a choir, especially if it were conducted by a guy who talked like that....!

Ailsa Wed 30-Jan-02 20:53:25

Took some penguins to work and got the office doing it, only one person that I know of didn't like it! Can you believe it?

Lill Wed 30-Jan-02 22:41:16

Chelle - that explains where Natalie Umbruglia (spelling) got it from. any other top tips from down under?

mollipops Thu 31-Jan-02 05:36:55

Ah yes the good old TimTam trick...bliss! What is a penguin bikky like? TimTams are basically two choc bikkies with choc cream in the middle and coated in milk chocolate...are they the same sort of thing?

pamina Thu 31-Jan-02 08:07:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Snugs Thu 31-Jan-02 08:33:41

Pamina - with pleasure! I am heading to the multipack penguins to try it with the flavoured ones. Oooohhh is it too early in the morning for this much fun?

Bron Thu 31-Jan-02 09:39:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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