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where is my sky card?

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misdee Fri 26-May-06 20:05:21

i need it to watch channel 4, (sky has been taken off, but still using the box as ariel is awfu;). dd3 has taken it and hidden it. have checked under the box, outside, under the toy box etc.

Californifrau Fri 26-May-06 20:06:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MerlinsBeard Fri 26-May-06 20:07:04

under sofa? or behind it?

BettySpaghetti Fri 26-May-06 20:08:34

the one I always suggest (from previous experience) ...posted through gap in floorboards?

zippitippitoes Fri 26-May-06 20:08:40

have you asked her(I know she is small but even so sometimes works)

behind the tv

in a bag/handbag

outside the front door

LittleMerlin Fri 26-May-06 20:09:34

inside a video box/dvd case? that's where DS1 hid his Nanny's once!

BettySpaghetti Fri 26-May-06 20:12:18

in a shoe/wellie
under edge of a rug
in pram/pushchair (DDs or toy one)
behind/inside sofa cushions

misdee Fri 26-May-06 20:13:47

got it!! it was under dd2 bed!

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