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Nutty - its all your fault!!!!!

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TambaTheDragonSlayer Fri 26-May-06 19:01:01

Went into New Look today and ended up spending a fortune!

There were loads of red tops so not sure which was the one you meant but I got one that ties round the waist.

And I got a dress, and a cardie thing to go over it...

and then saw a belt that went with the red top...

And then of course I needed red shoes to go with it...

Had never been in New Look before and loved it! Its all your fault that dh is cross with me though

TambaTheDragonSlayer Sat 27-May-06 16:59:47


nutcracker Sat 27-May-06 17:01:08

The top did tie round the waist i think, did they have it in greeny blue too ? If so then thats it.

TambaTheDragonSlayer Sat 27-May-06 17:04:28

Didnt see a greeny blue one but the I didnt dare look at anything too closely as my hands were already full!
Its got a square sort of neck i think and short sleeves. Ive gone off it now - it makes me look pregnant

I went to matalan today and got some gorgeous red strappy sandles (I know I got shoes yesterday but....)

And some white denim cropped jeans (are they even fashionable? ) and yet another top...

Dh is going to kill me!

Can I blame it on hormones or something!

JonesTheSteam Sat 27-May-06 17:06:43

White is very 'in' this summer, so I'm sure your cropped jeans will be fine.

nutcracker Sat 27-May-06 17:07:22

Ahh no it's not the same then.

Sounds like you had a good shop.

TambaTheDragonSlayer Sat 27-May-06 17:07:22

hmmm in that case they have a jacket in Primark that would go lovely....

JonesTheSteam Sat 27-May-06 17:09:36


Do you find once you start buying clothes, you end up spending a small fortune, as you always need something to go with it.

'Cos I do!!!!!!!!!

nutcracker Sat 27-May-06 17:09:51

I wanna go shopping it's not fair {{stamps feet and goes off to start tea}}}}

TambaTheDragonSlayer Sat 27-May-06 17:19:43

Yup! I am a naughty wife and have took the labels off some stuff and shoved it in a drawer

I havent been able to go shopping properly for months and did need some summer clothes <makes excuses> although its peeing down so dont know when i'll get to wear them!

nutcracker Sat 27-May-06 17:42:37

LOl I used to do that too and then when asked if it was new i'd say i'd had it ages or yes it was but it was £3 or something like that.

I did the kids clothes shop last week so hopefully I can get me some stuff next month, although i'm sure we'll have some household disaster before then which will need the money.

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