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£100 for scuffign a car [angry at myself]

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misdee Fri 26-May-06 18:42:37

just driving back from harefield, 2mins from home, busy street near shops, driving past the park cars and i scuff a parked car. huuuuuuuge bloomin thing it was. swopped details, just phoned my insurence company (mobility car) and its gonna cost me £100 excess for essentially some scuffing on my car i anm such a wally.

hulababy Fri 26-May-06 18:45:13

What a nightmare misdee. It might be worth asking the other person to get a couple of quotes first. depending on the size and location of the scuff it could be cheaper to just pay it yourself rather than the cost of the excess and losing your no claims.

Someonme has scuffed the wheel arch of my brand new car whilst I was in the shopping centre. Happened last week. I wasn't there at the time and no one left any details

misdee Fri 26-May-06 18:46:39

no claims isnt an issue due to being mobility car. the car has to be fixed to 'standard' otherwise when i sned it back i'll be charged. just its a PITA.

misdee Fri 26-May-06 18:58:32

oh and thy said i;d get a small car like a corsa as mobility car, HTF am i meant to transport Peter in a corsa? grrr ar*e bollo*cksy ar*e.

misdee Fri 26-May-06 18:58:58

courtesy car even.

Twiglett Fri 26-May-06 18:59:30

um .. if its just a scuff get some t-mark (?) from Halfords .. you just polish it on and it takes it off

Twiglett Fri 26-May-06 19:00:53



misdee Fri 26-May-06 19:01:40

theres a couple of smaller scracthes on taht side already when a branch was sticking into the rd near harefield and whacked the car.

i think going to harefield is becoming dangerous

2shoes Fri 26-May-06 19:01:59

i so know what you mean about courtesy cars I got a nissan micra. couldn't fit a wheelchair in the boot or her carseat in the car.

misdee Fri 26-May-06 19:03:57

twiglett, it has to be done properly, my sort-of grandad scracthed his, and got it repaired without claiming, and he got charged as it wasnt up to standard.

if it was my own car then i wouldnt even bother with the t-cut lol.

JanH Fri 26-May-06 19:08:35

misdee, do you have to do it now? Couldn't you save it up with the others scratches etc until it's time to hand it back and get them (and the other Harefield scuffs and scratches you're bound to get!) all done at once? My neighbour does that with hers.

misdee Fri 26-May-06 19:10:05

i've already called to put it through. the other person will be claiming as well. this is my 1st time doing this, so am unsure on what happens. my other accident involved a lamp post

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