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Where else, other than ebay, can I use Paypal?

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hulababy Fri 26-May-06 18:35:35

Just wondering as I now have about £50 sat in my PayPal account and I do object to having to incur a fee to transfer it over to my bak account or credit card.

So where else can I spend it?

SaintGeorge Fri 26-May-06 18:36:31

Free to transfer over £50 isn't it?

SquarewaysHereWeCome Fri 26-May-06 18:36:53

You can transfer it free of charge if it's £50. I think anything below £25 incurs a charge - or at least it used to be that way......

charliecat Fri 26-May-06 18:36:54

if its over 50 quid you dont get charged for putting it in your bank

hulababy Fri 26-May-06 18:37:38

It is just under. Maybe I need to sell something else first then. Thanks

SquarewaysHereWeCome Fri 26-May-06 18:37:53

lol. So this is a consensus then!

FrannyandZooey Fri 26-May-06 18:38:02

Isn't it about 20p to transfer it?

hulababy Fri 26-May-06 18:39:18

No idea how mucht he transfer fee is TBH. Maybe I should look into it!

compo Fri 26-May-06 18:40:18

you could sell a few things on here as people often pay with paypal

SaintGeorge Fri 26-May-06 18:40:26

Free for £50.00 GBP or more, £0.25 GBP for £49.99 GBP or less

Just checked

hulababy Fri 26-May-06 18:41:52

Not got much more to sell, other than DD's party dress.

Think I can manage 25p Thank you.

SquarewaysHereWeCome Fri 26-May-06 18:42:32

I have just had a look - I got the £25 from it being 25 pence to transfer the money if its £49.99 or under. Oops!
I have to admit I loathe the fact that Paypal creams a further little bit extra off your wedge to transfer it into your bank - like they haven't insulted you enough with all the charges already . Barstewards, the lot of em!

Yorkiegirl Fri 26-May-06 18:46:32

Message withdrawn

hulababy Fri 26-May-06 18:49:26

They are the only other sites I have found YG. But I really need to stop spending on that area of my life for a little while. LOL!

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