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Non allergenic jewellery and watches?

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Hayls Fri 26-May-06 18:25:20

Can anyone recommend non-allergenic jewellery and watches? I can only wear sterling silver or gold (even painting over it with clar nail varnish or the special stufff doesn't work) or I come out in hives and it spreads everywhere. even my wedding ring- white gold band surrounded by 18carat gold band triggers it so there must be some kind of metal bonding it together
Problem is that the ONLY watch I have ever been able to wear is now 4 years old and the strap keeps breaking and the numbers are falling off so I will have to b uy a new one. It was over £60 4 years ago though so would liek to avboid paying that again
Any advice?
BTW I also can't wear leather or plastic straps again

onlyjoking9329 Fri 26-May-06 18:38:38

i have a nickle allergy and am the same with jewellery, the worst thing for me is the metal on jeans buttons, i end up with a really nasty rash and it drives me mad, i have had the sports watches swatch or like you i have solid silver i am on my third one now as i lost the other two, have a look on ebay,

Hayls Fri 26-May-06 19:34:13

Thanks, I hadn't even thought of Ebay. It's our wedding anniversary next week so I was toying with the idea of hinting for a new watch but would much rather spend the money on something else! I'm now bidding on a Storm watch so fingers crossed!
I heard there was something you could paint all your jewellery with and it ACTUALLy worked but can't remember what it was. Does anyone know what it is and if it is any good? my sis always wears gorgeous {crap} jewellery from New Look etc and I get so jealous cos I'm stuck with the same silver stuff every day

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