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we move in 11 days...or do we..<angry>

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EvesMama Fri 26-May-06 13:12:23

just had call from agent of house we're buying to say..deep breath, not the people they're buying from the the next up the line! have decidedor thier solicitor has, that its too soon for the 6th!!!, we've now changed the date three times and i refused point blank to put it back again and harshly said of second from last in chain..its their problem, tell them to deal with it...move into rented/hotel for a week or whatever and put thier stuff in my childminding business has already been on hold for so long and c i s have conytacted our vendor(a childminder) to ask her if she has space for a 8 month old baby!!!!!!!!!!!, she passed my details on but i cant do anything till im in there and reg..amd very very weary and

EvesMama Fri 26-May-06 19:26:54

dont mind if im talking to myself, just a little word to myself every now and again helps!
bloody agent AND soicitor havent come back to me and now wont prob hear anything till tuesday

other prob in delaying AGAIN is dd's school..dp has took works van back so now itll be nigh on impossible if we dont move that day

chjlly Fri 26-May-06 19:31:05

have they said why the solicitor thinks it is too soon for the 6th?
It could be that they are waiting for searches or mortgage offer or something? I know that our local authority has a backlog in doing searches at the moment but if you had the 6th planned for a while then it should have been done - can you threaten to pull out? what has your solicitor said about it?

chjlly Fri 26-May-06 19:31:06

have they said why the solicitor thinks it is too soon for the 6th?
It could be that they are waiting for searches or mortgage offer or something? I know that our local authority has a backlog in doing searches at the moment but if you had the 6th planned for a while then it should have been done - can you threaten to pull out? what has your solicitor said about it?

EvesMama Fri 26-May-06 19:33:12

she said that it was all go as far as she was concerned for 6th..our buyer, us, new house and their new house all ready for 6th , so surely it would be much simpler for the 4th in chain to rent instead of possibly missing out on sales?
argghh am so p**d off with it..if it was me, id move out, honestly, its not on and you cant wait for a never ending chain to complete!

tracyk Fri 26-May-06 19:37:41

Have they said when they WILL be ready to move? We had a pain with our move - the middle of the chain kept changin their mind about the date to complete. I was so close to telling them to shove it - but had to keep my mouth shut as I wasn't sure how much I could bluff them!
We moved on the date that suited everyone but us - and we had to rent/store etc etc for 18 days - cost a bloody fortune.

LIZS Fri 26-May-06 19:38:46

wonder if their solicitor is off next week and still awaiting information.

cece Fri 26-May-06 19:40:22

Oh no I was hoping this wasn't you evesmama!
stay calm, deep breaths, it will be alright in the end

EvesMama Fri 26-May-06 19:42:44

well it seems.hang on..not the house our vendors are buying, but the one thier vendors are buying(the people with the moving date issue) only instructed solicitors 4 weeks ago??..if our vendors vendors(with me?) knew thier vendors hadnt made plans, then why did 'THEY' caome up with 6th ..and surely its crazy to have to wait for everyone???someone has got to move out at some point? othersise it'll never end?
just really hope our vendors vendors can move somewhere for whatever time as they only haveteenagerand apperntly not much furniture.

worst thing is agent didnt tell 'me' time scale but told our vendor beginning of July!!!!!!!F**K OFF*

EvesMama Fri 26-May-06 19:43:12

just shows cece, i wasnt prepared for as much as i thought i was!

cece Fri 26-May-06 19:45:50

I think I might unpack those videos if I were you!

EvesMama Sat 27-May-06 19:53:52

dont say that

im really gutted today..agent dealing with it is off til ties..conveniently and other girl said vendor(which one i dont know?) rang to dicsuss with her delay in moving date????? dont know who or what that entailed ut very p**d off, worried about money covering bills here(cant afford to be here)..and first well know is tuesday if then?..and that is one week before our date which means ill have to re-ring EVERYBODY!!! removals, phone, b band, domestic services, plumber, electricion oh lord
and to top it hairs started to fall out again with the stress

gigglinggoblin Sat 27-May-06 20:00:13

we are in a chain atm, people at the top are building and dont know when it will be completed - we have been waiting 5 months now. a few weeks ago i got a call saying they wanted to put date back from end of may til end of june so i told them we would only agree if they would exchange that week to guarantee the date. if they refused i said i would start looking around and it worked. if they had refused i would have started looking but not pulled out unless i found somewhere which would have been quicker. once you exchange you do at least know where you stand, even if you dont complete for 7 weeks like us! i also started ranting at estate agents about making complaints because people werent telling the truth, i think they got the message and we now have a firm date. sorry if thats a bit garbled, am not v well atm

EvesMama Sat 27-May-06 20:13:33

well my solicitor had a call from our vendors solicitor to ask for exchange and she put it back to him as she said we would move yesterday..its thier bloody vendor thats holding things up here..people cant seriously expect to go on and on in a chain waiting for the very last person to move out..we'd move out if their was a prob for our our buyer and we were further up chain..and TBH am a bit peeved of with our vendor, yes they have 4 children, but two are young adults, one is toddler and another is nearing double figures, so it wouldnt be impossible for them to rent for a time..considering the sale of their house(our new house) has fallen through once already and they have 4 children plus them selves in a three bed semi..they cant risk losing this sale, nor can they stay there..arrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhh
am so sad and angry and stressed

spacecadet Sat 27-May-06 20:14:18

evesmama-i only moved 3 weeks ago and the stress of the move was awful, the people at the top of the chain demanded a date that was immpossible,when no one elses searches had come back, then when we were all ready and had agreed on a date, the people i was buying from said that date was no good, but my buyers threatened to pull out if we didnt move on that date...grr.
why can they not move on the 6th??? is it just inconvinient for them, or is it an issue with mortgage offer, searches etc.
if they are just saying its inconvinient, but everyone else in the chain is ready, i would get your solicitor to put the hard word on them and say the chain might collapse if they dont move.

EvesMama Sat 27-May-06 20:14:50

sorry went of on one.
am gunna have to wait til tues to speak to solicitor and although it kills me to say..find out the earliest date we can move..then i will make the b****S sign the papers so they're bound to it

EvesMama Sat 27-May-06 20:16:45

hi spacey
i spoke to solicitor(aunties sister so very good with us)
and she was speaking to them fri..aparently last (i assume??) in chain only instructed solicitor just over 4 weeks ago??? and aparently their solicitor has said the date is no good!! hoping mine told him to feck off and get his finger out!

spacecadet Sat 27-May-06 20:26:05

oh no..why on earth did they only instruct solicitor a month you know how well their mortgage offer has progressed?, they could have started sorting out their mortgage before instructing solicitor, in which case theres a slim chance that they can be ready, searches take about 2 frustrating for you need to know exactly why they cant proceed though, especially if youve changed your date a few times already.

EvesMama Sat 27-May-06 20:59:36

ill take notes from there when i ring solicitor back tues thanks spacey

will have to find all that out..solicitor is fab so if theres any way she can do it i know she will(please keep evrything crossed for me!)

having a large dry martini and lemonaide and going to wash my hair..whats left of it..and gunna have a bitch about something else to take my mind off it!

spacecadet Sat 27-May-06 21:04:59

they say moving house is the most stressful thing you can do, apart from giving birth!, will keep my fingers will be worth it when you move into your lovely new home.

EvesMama Sat 27-May-06 21:15:22

sigh..hope so..just want to settle somewhere and be happy..gunna go watch bb now.ta for the chat spacey..hope you and yours are well?

spacecadet Sat 27-May-06 21:17:13

yep we are not too bad thanks..slowly but surely settling into the new house

cece Sun 28-May-06 12:12:10

this move was quite stress free for us but when we sold our house last OCt and moved into rented. That was very stressful - particularly for everone else in chain. For us not too bad as we went into rented.

Firstly the exchange was delayed for 2 weeks due to ftb paying a large cash deposit and so launching a top secret money laundering investigation!

Then the same person cancelled their mortgage offer after exchange (against their solicitors advice) and tried to get another mortgage offer sorted out in less than a week. Well he didn't tell anyone that he didn't have the money till about 11 am on day of completion. By then all vans were laoded with stuff and ready to roll....

Result was everyone had to unlaod and move back into their old house (except us who went to rented house). It took 10 more days for the money to move and completion! So for 10 days we had 2 houses! The ftb had to pay everyones extra expenses so was not happy but it was his own stupid fault

cece Sun 28-May-06 12:13:03

Has that cheered you up!?

EvesMama Sun 28-May-06 19:51:46 feel sos orry for the others!

am still so p**d off ..its all i can think about
i wanted it all sorted while dd off school, dp no longer has work van/car, well have to pay all bills here again which are v.high, will have to re ring everyone which will be a nitemare as dd will have to sit here and be patient!

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