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moving house with 8mth needed....

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blueamema Fri 26-May-06 12:15:10

as above really... moving in a couple of weeks and in need of some advice/tips on how to make it go smoothly with 8 mth dd.

really not looking forward to it!!!!

only good thing is knowing we will have a bigger house at the end!

....will i need to let health visitor know new address or will my doctors let them know?? CTF details need to be changed?? i need to stop worring about these silly little things??? (dont answer that one!)

littlerach Fri 26-May-06 12:36:49

Wouldn't hurt to let them know new address, as Drs maight not do it.

CTF, presume this is Child trust Fund, yes, let them know as they contact yuo annually I expect.


lilstarry1 Fri 26-May-06 13:04:46

I moved when heavily pregnant and remember how stressful it was (although no where near as stressful as with a child).

On the day itself I'd say hand over care of DD to grandparents/good friend.. Even just for a few hours.

I made a list of all the letters I received over a two week period, then got in touch with everyone about changing my address.

Waterpills, electricity, TV license, Phone, Insurance - most of these can be done online (thankfully!). I'd also search the internet for advice - people may have made lists of things they needed to do!

I wouldn't stress too much The bigger house is SO worth it!!
Lots of good luck hugs xxx

blueamema Fri 26-May-06 20:30:26

thanks littlerach and lilstarry.

sound words.. will check the net for lists of all important things to change.

ta x

tribpot Fri 26-May-06 20:45:06

I moved when ds was 5 months, not a lot of fun but survivable.

Re: addresses, arrange a mail redirection for a few months at least, gives you some slack to sort out notifying everyone. This includes CTF, I don't think I've got round to notifying them yet (and we moved 6 months ago).

Register with a GP when you arrive - I had to do this literally on day one because dh is chronically ill. They SHOULD notify the hvs but it won't do any harm to ask for the info about the service and then just present yourself at the next convenient baby clinic with your red book (and baby, obviously).

Don't try and do too much, it is knackering trying to unpack with a baby to look after. So make sure you pack up smartly, boxes with essentials only, and let things take their course. I have boxes which I still haven't unpacked. Clearly not that important!

I assume you're not moving yourself - getting the removal firm to do the packing is an absolute godsend. I remember having to organise it round rooms so that ds had a place to nap whilst it was going on, all very complicated.

Are you moving from owning-to-owning, renting-to-renting or some combination of the two? Make sure you have meter readings for both properties regardless, you'll also need to notify the Council Tax people (although given the speed with which they've dealt with the tenant in our old property, not with any particular hurry!) and I'd probably prioritise car insurance, as the new postcode could affect your premium. Make sure you have contents insurance on the new place too.

Good luck!

momentrylapseofreason Fri 26-May-06 20:45:48

Hi - we moved when DS1 was 6 months then again when DS2 was 1 year. My tips would be - pack one easily accessible box containing your DDs favorite toys, favorite video / dvd, bedding and night clothes, nappys, wipes, food and plates, calpol. Make sure you also have a buggy accessible - you can take her for a walk / use it as a high chair etc etc. Label all your packing boxes clearly (something I always wish I was better at)When you arrive set up cot / bed then try and make lounge livable / safe as soon as you can so you have somewhere for DD. If you can get someone to take dd on the day then do - it will make it easier. good luck - it won't be as bad as you think!

tribpot Fri 26-May-06 20:46:50

Oh yes, also, just for your peace of mind, make sure you know the number of the out of hours GP service where you're moving to. I know it sounds a bit mad, but having the phone number in case you get worried is much better than not having the phone number. Ditto knowing where the nearest A&E is. Of course you're never likely to need it, but better to know than not.

blueamema Sat 27-May-06 15:33:22

thanks again guys, great advice.

were moving from a rented to brought property... so all the extra worries of a new mortgage on top!!!

luckily only a few miles away from where we are now.

will definately get a box together for dd with all her important bits in... and make her room priority when we get there.

starting to look forward to it a bit more now... ta x x

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