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Anyone seen Big Cook, Little Cook yet?

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Carla Mon 02-Feb-04 12:15:10

Quite the trippiest thing to come out of Cbeebies yet!

Angeliz Mon 02-Feb-04 12:17:17

ooh no, was gonna watch it this morn but dd chose Dora the Explorer instead. Will watch later probably

Beccarollover Mon 02-Feb-04 12:17:33

I saw it advertised and wanted to watch it with DD

When is it on?

Carla Mon 02-Feb-04 12:17:54

And frankly there's more chance of my children asking for Steak Diane than eating those princess pea beds!

Carla Mon 02-Feb-04 12:20:03

And frankly there's more chance of my children asking for Steak Diane than eating those princess pea beds!

GeorginaA Mon 02-Feb-04 13:10:50

We were going to watch it this afternoon - it good then? Is there anywhere online that they list the recipes?

EmmaKB Mon 02-Feb-04 13:17:37

Hi GeorginaA,

I think that you can press the red button on you remote at the end of the programme.

Carla Mon 02-Feb-04 13:20:56

Try \link{http//\this. Oh. stuff it. The Cbeebies website then. Don't get your hopes up, though!

150percent Mon 02-Feb-04 13:22:15

DS1 was transfixed this morning - but I agree - I can't see him eating the pea beds! But then I hate peas anyway!

Sorry to be terribly uncool but what does "trippiest" mean?

babster Mon 02-Feb-04 13:51:56

Cringey - oh the shame of that small one with the Dennis Pennis wig. And the pea and egg tarts looked repulsive!

GeorginaA Mon 02-Feb-04 19:50:50

Well in a fit of parental enthusiasm (I've been wanting to cook with ds for a while but didn't know where to start) we tried the pea and egg tarts, and I think I'm fully qualified now to say they tasted as disgusting as they looked.

ds was quite excited by the programme (I cringed through all of it) and really wanted to get stuck in to making the recipe. At 2.5 years old though I think he was a little young for most of it - he couldn't really do most of the stuff and I ended up doing most with him "helping" by counting out, passing ingredients etc.

I was impressed that he did try what he made, but he didn't eat much of it. Then again, it was disgusting so I don't blame him really.

My biggest nitpick though is that the instructions on the recipe on the website are different to that on the show (plus there's an extra ingredient on the website recipe that never actually gets used?!)

Probably will give it a go again next week, mainly because it fills some time in the day. Yes, I'm that sad.

Bozza Tue 03-Feb-04 10:40:32

Interested in this. When is it on? DS loves cooking (well baking). Can't even get away with making pastry without him insisting on joining in...

fairydust Tue 03-Feb-04 10:59:57

Pea beds - no thank you

GeorginaA Tue 03-Feb-04 11:34:51

Oh ack - I thought it was just Mondays - it's on every day (8am, 12noon & 4pm on Cbeebies, Bozza) - I can't see me being that interactive daily

GeorginaA Tue 03-Feb-04 11:43:52

Not only that but the next recipe requires A HALF A PACK OF BUTTER?!!!

Bollocks to that. Anyone know of a good cooking with kids recipe book? (Preferably one a 2.5 year old has at least a small chance of coping with?)

Enid Tue 03-Feb-04 11:48:48

The bloke that plays Small cook deserves a medal - poor b*****d.

Carla Tue 03-Feb-04 11:57:12

Right everyone, kettle on, child on lap time!

Carla Tue 03-Feb-04 12:08:36

Could anyone, ever, in their wildest dreams fancy either one of those two after watching them in that? They surely have forsaken any idea of a relationship in signing those contracts.

Enid Tue 03-Feb-04 12:12:04

My 4 year old was really looking forward to it but now she's seen it she isnt so keen...I feel so sorry for those two blokes, they don't look as if they are enjoying it at all.

I agree about the pea tarts - what was that all about??

GeorginaA Tue 03-Feb-04 12:12:31

Yet again I notice the ingredients are different on the web than on the show - jelly sweets weren't listed! Listed as icing pens instead...

spacemonkey Tue 03-Feb-04 12:14:03

oh my lord the dennis pennis bloke is scary!

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