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Renault Scenic - anyone got one???

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sandyballs Mon 02-Feb-04 11:28:06

DH is looking at a second hand Renault Scenic this afternoon as our old car is on its last legs.
Has anyone got one/had one? Any good?

elena2 Mon 02-Feb-04 11:37:56

We've got an R reg one. Dh thought they were a bit of a 'woman's' car, but we went for it cos it was a sporty model (2.0 litre, alloys, twin elec sunrooves etc.)

It's great for the children as they are high up in the back and can see everything. And it quite easily fit everything for a week in Scotland with all the stuff for us and both boys (both under 2 so you can imagine how much stuff there was!), plus a large 3 wheeler double buggy.

Actually we're selling it atm, as we don't need two cars anymore, but would highly recommend it.

Moomin Mon 02-Feb-04 11:44:32

We bought a 2nd hand R reg a year last Sept and we love it. It does gobble petrol up a bit but the pros outwiegh the cons, I think. It's great for getting dd in and out of her car seat because it's high up and it drives really well. I expect this would be the same for most MPVs so I can't really comment on how it would compare with something like the Picasso thingy but as far as it compares with ordinary cars, it's a thumbs up from the Moomins.

LIZS Mon 02-Feb-04 11:46:52

We've got the 4wd version - 2.5 yrs old. Have found it great and have also driven the "normal" one with little problem, as I like the raised seat position. We did a 2 week driving holiday last summer with our 2 kids (then 5 and almost 2) well ladened with paraphenalia and also ski holidays. We like the fact you can adjust the rear seats to have more boot or leg space. Most kids seats seems to fit and you can have 2 kids seats with enough room for an adult in between, although it would be a bit of a pain to do so regularly.

My main criticism is that I have found rear visibility impaired by the rear window posts but have simply become more reliant on mirrors. Also generally Renaults are not cheap to service or for parts.

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