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Just feeling so pissed off at him!

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housebound Thu 25-May-06 11:41:14

Hello all.
I am aregular but have changed for this as i don't want it popping up when dp is here.

Just a rant really. DP works away every week, he has his own buisness and does at least 3 days every week away. He also goes on little trips to see his family and with his family. I could go but don't want to. we have 2 children and one more on the way.
Anyway, we are actually going away for a week soon and the week after are having a kitchen fitted. What's pissed me off is, even though he said he wasn't away that week he has now said that he'll probably have to go away even for just a day. When they arranged a delivery date for the kitchen i said to dp 'you are going to be here that day?' and he said' well i'll have to be'. It;s the day before we go away and he would be here anyway, i only meant as i'll have to do the school run. I am just getting annoyed at this attitude that family waits.
I know he works hard but bloody so do i and my nights don't finish and i go for a meal (as he does nearly every week and i don't mind, why would i he's miles away? I just feel that he doesn't realise that i work hard too as he's made various comments like,
'i have to work it's not a choice'
'i can do without the hassle'
He is a great Dad and dp but i'm really pissed at him now

housebound Thu 25-May-06 11:52:45

Noone thinks he's being unreasonable.

Bugsy2 Thu 25-May-06 12:00:55

Can't you just tell him that you really need his support on this particular day. It doesn't sound like you often ask for his help, so why don't you be really clear & tell him you don't think you can cope without his help.

MrsBigD Thu 25-May-06 12:08:03

you probably should have posted under relationship

I wouldn't use unreasonable... more like unthinking... I noticed a long time ago that things I take for a given just don't 'occur' to dh unless pointed out - like my personal pet hate with dh leaving rubbish on kitchen worktop even though the bin is literally at arms length - but at least my dh appreciates that working part time and looking after the kids is hard work.

Don't know what the business is but maybe in some cases he has no choice because business partners schedule meetings? Though he then should just cancel it... it's only a day!

FioFio Thu 25-May-06 12:13:38

Message deleted

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