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need some advice on front door colour...charcoal grey

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Heathcliffscathy Thu 25-May-06 10:52:10

farrow and ball downpipe...anyone know this one? anyone know a grey that they love???

MrsBadgerTheCelloPedaller Thu 25-May-06 10:57:47

know it, tis nice, but not sure I'd use it on a front door - prefer something cheerier myself.

what's the house like? Can see it working if house is rendered/painted or a warm stone.

Toots Thu 25-May-06 10:59:46

That sounds familiar. Think I had a downpipe door two houses ago. But I remember defending it when someone said it looked like a dark undercoat. Was never that thrilled with it although obviously was attracted to it as you are.

Poissonally, I'd go a bit lighter. Don't have chart but parma grey? Too light maybe.

Heathcliffscathy Thu 25-May-06 11:00:29

house is old victorian, rendered and painted white with black railings round front garden. door is eating room red atm and we hate it. also replacing stained glass with beautiful in the original stle stained glass o want something to show off the glass which the glass man said needed to be dark...

Heathcliffscathy Thu 25-May-06 11:03:23

ok so what about off black?

Marina Thu 25-May-06 11:05:09

From what you say, a dark forest green would be my choice to show off the new glass...

NomDePlume Thu 25-May-06 11:06:34

I'm having a new front door made, I'm 99% sure it's going to be gloss black (chrome door furniture)

Heathcliffscathy Thu 25-May-06 11:07:03

don't want green. don't know why.....

NomDePlume Thu 25-May-06 11:08:14

You can view the colours on the Farrow and Ball website.

spacedonkey Thu 25-May-06 11:08:14

off black sounds great to me

bakedpotato Thu 25-May-06 11:09:58

I like the F&B Hague Blue very much, not really blue at all, darker than Down Pipe.
We have a nice dark battleship grey on front door. Dulux I think.

Marina Thu 25-May-06 11:10:17

You have a subconscious recollection of green as an unlucky colour, I bet
For some reason I can only picture grey as matt undercoat, and have it in my mind that it fades more than other colours in the sun (red excepted). But the I have no experience of Farrow and Ball...

MrsBadgerTheCelloPedaller Thu 25-May-06 11:17:46

On a house like yours I'd say Off-Black every time - match the railings make the stained glass stand out, but Monkey Puzzle could work too and I think is better than DownPipe for a door.

Also think black front doors look v smart and formal, and could never have one on my house so am painting by proxy

Heathcliffscathy Thu 25-May-06 11:40:08

marina i think you are right

mrsbadger and all of you, what do you think of off black in an exterior eggshell as opposed to gloss?

victorians never had gloss, and i like to stay with the period of the house without being a totally up myself git about it

spacedonkey Thu 25-May-06 11:41:08

I'd go for the eggshell too for the same reason, plus I'm not keen on the look of gloss black :-S

spacedonkey Thu 25-May-06 11:41:50

off topic for a moment - soph I have heard from linda and she's found us someone who can help

bakedpotato Thu 25-May-06 11:42:57

Ours is eggshell
I will say that being dark it shows the dirt a bit
I suppose that's something else I should really be dusting

Heathcliffscathy Thu 25-May-06 11:44:41

huzzah sd!

MrsBadgerTheCelloPedaller Thu 25-May-06 11:47:19

think eggshell would look good

bet the Victorians would have gone for gloss if they'd had the chance!

zippitippitoes Thu 25-May-06 11:51:38

we used downpipe on our guttering and er downpipe it is a good lead colour..but not for a front door

Heathcliffscathy Thu 25-May-06 18:33:14

errr...dh went (he had car today) and bought 'railings'????? gulp.

Orlando Thu 25-May-06 18:45:21

Ooh-- that's nice.

Am eavesdropping because ours is up for a repaint this summer. I had my eye on Down pipe, but went off it when I saw it painted on card in the shop.

Railings good. And Monkey Puzzle too. Was quite tempted by Castle Gray, as well. The testers are only £3-- maybe you should get one of those before you open the tin if you're not absolutely sure you like it. Otherwise it'll be solicitors and custody battles....

foxinsocks Thu 25-May-06 18:52:06

people round the corner have a front door in Castle Gray. Looks very nice but we are in a row of colourful terraces so different coloured houses and doors are the norm.

Never knew a green front door was bad luck! Ours is green and I now feel cursed!

Orlando Thu 25-May-06 18:57:57

Does the castle gray get very dirty? We live on a busy road and the grime is awful. Do not want to be a conspicuous slut, and am not the kind of person who cleans the front door every week, sadly.

bundle Thu 25-May-06 19:00:31

i always think: oh they've forgotten to paint, just left the undercoat on whenever i see grey front doors
we've just done ours a lovely paleish blue that has a hint of green. gloss tho...

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