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Is anyone else addicted to this site?

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sandradee Thu 25-May-06 09:39:07

I'm supposed to be working but can't stop logging on to chat. I've only just discovered this site and in a way I wish I had not.

LadyTophamHatt Thu 25-May-06 09:40:23

no,'s just you.

We're all free to leave when ever we wish.


Oh...if only that was true

FrannyandZooey Thu 25-May-06 09:43:09

Really, Sandra? You find it hard to leave the site?

My goodness, this is a new idea to me. I don't think there is anyone else on here like that, is there?

sandradee Thu 25-May-06 09:43:19

But I can't - I just love sticking my nose in.

NomDePlume Thu 25-May-06 09:47:08

no, I can walk away at any time


BudaBabe Thu 25-May-06 09:47:47

It's like Hotel California here!

Carmenere Thu 25-May-06 09:47:54

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA [manic emoticon]

acnebride Thu 25-May-06 09:48:35

The site seemed to be unavailable the other morning, for about 2.5 hours.

I wasn't at all worried, in fact I hardly noticed that it was *exactly 152 minutes and 4 seconds before I could reach active conversations*.

[whispers] help me

NomDePlume Thu 25-May-06 09:49:14

rofl acnebride !

sandradee Thu 25-May-06 09:54:22

I'm still here and have done no work. Boss is out the office for two days - help

Amiable Thu 25-May-06 09:56:46

I can walk away anytime... No, honestly, I can... It's not like i do it every day... well, Ok, it's not as if I do it twice a day or anything... Well OK then, three times... I mean, It's under control... I only do it because I enjoy it... I'm not an addict...

sandradee Thu 25-May-06 10:00:10

I'm going .... yep really........ I HAVE to do some work and knowing my company they are probably monitoring me as I type.


I've gone

southeastastra Thu 25-May-06 10:04:33

Does it last long or after a while do you become unaddicted! This site is better than the others..

SKYTVADICT Thu 25-May-06 10:07:19

I was really proud of myself yesterday because I didn't switch my PC on at home all day and I actually got some jobs done! It felt very strange.

Unfortunately back at work today and here I am - chatting again!

sandradee Thu 25-May-06 10:09:54

I'm back

southeastastra Thu 25-May-06 10:15:40

sandradee you're naughty go and do some work

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