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Scarlettsmummy Thu 25-May-06 01:48:23

I have read all the messages on the big thread about child model agencies and it all seems really conflicting and confusing.

Just seems to be the same people all the time giving advice and some of them recommend the agency they are with and then further down I find they haven't had work (or alot of work) with them?

Not knocking them, as they are most likely very knowledgable, but I am just looking for some informed, yet impartial advice on the industry and agencies in general.

I want to apply to agencies for my 3 year old daughter and am a bit worried about the fee issue and these assessment fees some are charging.

Any advice would be very helpful


izzyrubi Thu 25-May-06 07:26:03

Message withdrawn

Scarlettsmummy Thu 25-May-06 17:52:30

Thanks for the reply, but I really did not want to get involved in that thread as it is not really my cup of tea and as I said before, the advice given is always so conflicting and confusing. I also noticed that many of those that praise their own agencies, haven't really had much work to speak of and then say negative things about agencies they are not with?

Also some of the posters have been very horrible to newcomers in the past and I dont really want to go down that road, if you know what I mean.

Thanks anyway but although I would like to go on there, I think I might leave it and see if anyone helps me on here (safer I think!)


2ManyPimms Thu 25-May-06 20:56:33

Sorry you feel that way.

Try the following link....

It lists a number of agencies that have a reasonable reputation in the industry.

Fees are not uncommon. Many top agencies charge either a yearly fee (like Norrie Carr) or a one-off payment. The only advice I can offer is to do your homework and go with an agency which gives you a good overall impression. Remember, if you aren't happy, you can always change.

Good luck.

mrratty Fri 26-May-06 09:39:05

Firstly I would try some of the agencies with no or low start up fees. The ones I can think of are - MOT, Bruce and Brown, Kids London (post applications only) and Urban Angels. These agencies are the ones where most of the children from the current copy of Junior magazine come from!
If you have no luck with them then I would try, - Scallywags, Rascals, Truly Srcumpious, Elizabeth Smith and Norrie Carr. As far as I know these charge quite high start up cost but have good reputations and are well established.
Bear in mind that you could be with hte best agency and still get no work as your child may not have the look that is reqired for the time.
Good Luck.

Scarlettsmummy Sun 28-May-06 21:39:00

Thanks for all the information everyone. Ever so helpful.

I have read everything I could and it seems that the ones that charge no fees have not been going that long and those that charge fees are more established. Also, I now realise that an agency cannot guarantee work as you say Mratty, so I have decided to apply to Bruce and Brown as they charge no fees and have plenty of work and bizzykidz as they have been established a while too with plenty of work it seems and only charge a small one off payment.

Much appreciated. I will let you know how I go with the applications.

Anyone any idea how long they take to reply? I am posting Bruce and Brown's and applying over the internet with Bizzykidz


controlfreaky2 Sun 28-May-06 21:40:12

find another hobby?? well you did ask.

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