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OMG we are moving house on May31st,pick up keys for new place on friday and.......

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notasheep Wed 24-May-06 20:20:53

I have managed to pack a box of CDS,and internet will be down for 5 days

SoupDragon Wed 24-May-06 21:01:44

Wow, a whole box of CDs eh?

notasheep Wed 24-May-06 21:15:03

its improved a little-a suitcase of clothes too.

Feeling a little stressed.......

bubble99 Wed 24-May-06 21:17:18

We were still packing when the removals van arrived two weeks ago. Never fear, notasheep, but accept the fact that you won't have logically labelled boxes. I found the kettle after three days, in amongst the boys' pants.

notasheep Wed 24-May-06 21:19:26

but the good news is i am taking dd and ds on holiday on Sunday and not back till 2nd June-dp has rather alot of responsibility

bubble99 Wed 24-May-06 21:21:44

I bet your DP will know where the kettle is.

notasheep Wed 24-May-06 22:07:07

and the case of beer

JoolsToo Wed 24-May-06 22:10:00

ha ha - i move on THIS Friday and am drinking wine from a mug - I've packed just about everything

notasheep Thu 25-May-06 19:13:35

have thrown alot of stuff out and done charity shop runs.dp has booked lorry for a week!

cece Thu 25-May-06 19:15:02

I moved two weeks ago ..

Check out these sites to make you feel bad!


EvesMama Thu 25-May-06 19:18:50

hi cece..painted every room yet?
that website is fab, even lets you list companies and they let them no of change off address!cool..but me being me still rang every single bloody one of em!

we move in 12 days..gotanything that can be picked up boxed, secured and labled..funny thing..cant remeber which box i put dp in??..maybe one with arsy t**t written on it

i do selling, veiwing, packing, agents, solicitors, change of address, insurances, removals and dp looks 10 years older!

notasheep Thu 25-May-06 19:21:27

EvesMama Thu 25-May-06 19:22:24

dont be ..i am cracking up pretending i am super woman..i think i may be burying someone under the patio shortly after we move!

cece Thu 25-May-06 19:24:24

Hi EvesMama - not moved yet???

Only one room painted I am afraid! Currently discussing fireplace options for next winter and a blazing fire....

notasheep Thu 25-May-06 20:01:13

well,looks like i have made a little progress...dd asked to watch a video this evening and she couldnt as i have packed them

cece Thu 25-May-06 20:04:38

OMG never pack the kids videos till the end Youu'll be packing the corkscrew and the kettle next

notasheep Thu 25-May-06 20:07:57

i was getting abit carried away with this one day of sunshine we have had and thought the children would be fine with the garden for entertainment

cece Thu 25-May-06 20:09:05

well lets hope it doesn't rain again!

EvesMama Thu 25-May-06 21:18:30

hmm.have an 'open box of vids and dvd's but thought the same about summer toys..all dd's best toys(little people games etc are.. tightly packed!

EvesMama Fri 26-May-06 13:27:50 running the risk of going ti*s up

notasheep Fri 26-May-06 20:42:20

its bloody chaos here,dp is being soooooooo laid back about it.So glad i am going away with dd and ds he will just have to get it done-god knows how-he has taken all day to load the lorry with the garden stuff
and hes now gone for a beer

EvesMama Sat 27-May-06 19:59:31

send him to mine please, he sounds like and angel!..give him a fiver for a couple extra pints!..ill let you know when the idiots let us no when they're gunna shout jump!

notasheep Sat 27-May-06 21:58:43

the one thing that is keeping me going is the house is fantastic-dd and ds now have a play room,so all their mess in one place and shut the door

EvesMama Sun 28-May-06 19:54:24

so when is your move notasheep?

thants one of the good things about our new house, we also have play room for dd..i we ever get in the sodding house!
at moment this area beats new area ten times over, but it doesnt matter the new area isnt rough at all, just we practically live in countryside here and its so trying to hate it to help move go easier, but now i feel in limbo!

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