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Baby Modelling Agencies - advice needed

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Kljhearn Fri 24-May-13 09:59:03

I sent my DD's photo to one agency and they have said they would like her to be 'on their books'. I would just like some advice please.
Has anyone else worked with Kitsch Kids?
What pitfalls should we avoid with the modelling?
We live outside of London, is this going to be a problem?
anyone with experience of modelling, i have heard that everything is usually on a few hours notice, is this the case?
Any general advice?


lottieandmia Fri 24-May-13 10:09:34

How far are you from London?

I don't know much about Kitsch Kids, sorry. I do know that the most selective agencies are

Kids London
Bruce & Brown
Norrie Carr
Elisabeth Smith (good for babies I hear)
Grace & Galor
Urban Angels

But the above only accept applications from people who live within an hour of London, which we don't. My dd was accepted by Scallywags who are supposed to be a good agency and represent children all over the UK but I haven't signed her up because I am not sure how likely she is to get work and I am not in a position where I could easily get to London.

A lot of parents get disappointed after signing their child up and they don't get work - the reality is that your child may not get any jobs at all. OTOH, if you're lucky your child could get a commercial job which makes a good amount of money for them.

Mumsnet is a bit sniffy about child modelling and I have not actually done it myself - you may wish to ask on the Child Modelling thread on Netmums which is very active. HTH

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