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teddy teether from Boots

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magnum Sat 31-Jan-04 21:00:54

A few months ago I bought a teether for dd from Boots. It is a teddy holding a plastic teething ring with little coloured balls inside. It came in either pink or blue and says little baby bear on its front. I was in Boots yesterday and there is a poster recalling all these teethers as apparantly the ring can split when chewed releasing the balls. I was really pleased I saw the poster as my dd had been happily playing with it and I don't go in Boots that often. This is just to let anyone else know who might have one as they do sound quite dangerous.

Furball Sun 01-Feb-04 15:30:40

I recently came across the Trading Standards site and was quite shocked of actually how many everyday things including food, from what you would think decent retailers was actually being recalled. Most seem to be either food or child related, one even states a Cow and Gate meal from 4 months with 'foreign matter' in it. Outragous. Hope no-one had a Thorntons Advent Calender!!

Bron Sun 01-Feb-04 15:38:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Carla Sun 01-Feb-04 15:51:34

Furball, what's the address for that site?

Furball Sun 01-Feb-04 20:45:51

Carla - I've done the link, just click on the words 'Trading Standards' - Clever eh?

Carla Sun 01-Feb-04 20:57:53

Thanks furball - I was just thinking of writing it down so that when this thread disappears and I can't remember what it was called, I'd be able to look it up anyway. Like the list of key words your child should know at the age of 5 that I can't find anywhere now .....

Furball Sun 01-Feb-04 21:10:03

Carla Sun 01-Feb-04 21:16:23

Thank you!

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