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New Mumsnetter!

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Coxy Sat 26-Jan-02 17:55:28

Hello Everyone. I am a recent new member to mumsnet and wonder why I haven't found it before now. I am a mother of 2 boys (nearly 5 and 3), work part-time and live on the North Wales/Shropshire border having moved from Preston nearly 4 years ago. I think this is an excellent site but the talk bit is so addictive. I am interested in attending some of the meet ups but wonder if those of us 'oop north' want to arrange something? Look forward to chatting with everyone again soon. Best wishes.

jodee Sat 26-Jan-02 18:00:14

Hi Coxy, welcome! You are certainly right about this being so addictive! I'm from the South East so would go to the London meet up, but why not post a message on the thread called Mumsnet Meet Up, there are bound to be others in your area who would love to get together.

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