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Family friendly areas in London

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Booklover Tue 23-May-06 22:35:52

We currently live in North London (Islington) but consider moving a bit further out as properties are just so expensive. Just wondering if you can recommend any areas that seem very family friendly, have a nice feel about it and are safe and affordable - hopefully they do exist?!

MarsLady Tue 23-May-06 22:45:09

How's Crouch End for your price bracket? Both Crouch End and Muswell Hill are wonderful for families, but rather pricey. I don't know other than that. Sorry!

frogs Tue 23-May-06 22:48:53

Stoke Newington? London Fields? But neither are exactly cheap. Crouch End? Ditto, really. For affordability you'd need to look further over towards Hackney -- the scruffy bit of Stoke Newington near the common/train station area is more affordable, or over towards Clapton or Mare Street. But you don't get that family feel that you have in Church Street. Watch the school catchment areas, though.

I fear, as someone said on another thread recently, you can have any two options out of: lovely house, great schools or bijou area, but not all three, unless you are loaded.

Blu Tue 23-May-06 22:50:34

East Dulwich, West Dulwich, Herne Hill,

controlfreaky2 Tue 23-May-06 22:50:42

are fab... unless you need to get anywhere on public transport (fastish like)

tuffnell park / caledonian road / stokey newington / finsbury park. stokey awash in buggies.

what's wrong with islington??? (she said defensively)

Blu Tue 23-May-06 22:52:52

Herne Hill has speedy fast Thameslink and another line, straight to Victoria and The City

Pollyanna Tue 23-May-06 22:53:54

I think Highgate, Crouch End and Muswell Hill are very nice, but not very affordable. I like Kentish Town, which is a bit cheaper, but I'm not sure it has a nice feel! (a bit of an acquired taste maybe?). Have you thought about West Hampstead/Queen's Park?

frogs Tue 23-May-06 22:55:02

But Blu, that's <gasp> South London...

unicorn Tue 23-May-06 22:57:27

Bet you could get something really nice in Ealing for the price of an Islington property.

Loads of families here and a special family friendly group 'Ealing 135' which really helps settle you into the area etc. Plenty of parks too - and easy access out of London.

Pollyanna Tue 23-May-06 23:00:08

What about Dulwich?

bluebear Tue 23-May-06 23:00:18

I agree with Unicorn - Ealing is great for families, lots of green spaces, and very safe.

Earlybird Tue 23-May-06 23:05:25

What school options are there in Ealing?
Is it under the flight path, and is that an issue?

MrsFogi Tue 23-May-06 23:06:07

Greenwich and Blackheath are teeming with families and are cheaper than the West.

BrenthamBelle Tue 23-May-06 23:08:34

I live here . It is a lovely place - we have a Mayday Parade (plus dancing round the maypole on the green) every year.

Very good schools, a lovely local shopping area. Lots of clubs/playgroups etc for children.

We love it. It is an expensive part of Ealing - not sure how prices compare to Islington.

Pollyanna Tue 23-May-06 23:09:03

but aren't schools rubbish in Greenwich and Blackheath?

What is Chiswick like? (my sister lived there a long time ago and it seemed very nice).

unicorn Tue 23-May-06 23:10:59

Re flight path, well, we are very close, but when I lived in Putney that was literally under the flight path.
Can't say i notice it tbqh. Much quieter since moving across the river!

Schools - well there are lots of good primaries, as for secondaries, well same as most of London really.
It is a very Family friendly place I would say.

unicorn Tue 23-May-06 23:12:25

ooh yeah go for North Ealing it is very nice BrenthamBelle... Pitshanger park etc.

BrenthamBelle Tue 23-May-06 23:16:05

It is great - I don't feel like I'm in London - it's like a village - Pitshanger Lane has a fishmonger, little library, greengrocers, bakery, butchers, hairdressers, beauty therapy place, supermarket, restaurants, couple of good pubs (The Kent has a huge garden - fantastic in the summer with kids) etc etc etc.

bluebear Tue 23-May-06 23:16:30

Once again, agreeing with Unicorn - you can see planes, but not hear them much.
Primaries are generally good - secondaries not so good (much like most of London (lots of private schools around)

Earlybird Tue 23-May-06 23:18:25

What are the names of the good private secondaries?
Are there rail links, or is it mainly tube to central London?

unicorn Tue 23-May-06 23:21:39

rail from Ealing Broadway to Paddington. or Brentford to Waterloo.

Not too sure of private secondaries.. Notting Hill and Ealing High (I think) is one that springs to mind.

(Chiswick is v nice - but on parr houseprice wise with Islington I'd say- also not as friendly <ducks to avoid the Chiswick massive>)

bluebear Tue 23-May-06 23:21:48

Rail goes Ealing Broadway to Paddington - very quickly (10 mins ish)
If in South Ealing/Brentford I guess you could get to Waterloo on that line (don't know how long it takes)
Also tube, central, district, piccadilly - various stations dotted about Ealing.

Don't know about private secondaries - we have only just done the primary school research - sorry

bluebear Tue 23-May-06 23:23:06

Think there's a fab private secondary in Hammersmith (just 2 stops on the piccadilly line from Ealing) - but forgotten its name.

Earlybird Tue 23-May-06 23:23:18

Is it best to have a car, or is it a walking area?

unicorn Tue 23-May-06 23:25:23

is it Latymer?

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