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Exercising at home, any tips?

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Northerner Tue 23-May-06 21:26:20

Have cancelled my gym membership so am looking for any tips on how to effectively excercise at home.

I already run outside - occasionally, but this relies on dh being home to baby sit.

I have a reebok rebounder but am struggling for excercises, short of jogging/sprinting/star jumps/pendulum legs etc. Any one know of any videos?

Also have a Taebo video which I love, can you reccommend any other good vids?


BeetrootOldDeer Tue 23-May-06 21:28:40

davina, is good, and darcey is great so you can vary it. even if you buy one vid a month it is cheaper than the gym

Northerner Tue 23-May-06 21:32:31

Who's Darcey?

Have heard Davina is good. Will def buy that one then.

sallystrawberry Tue 23-May-06 21:34:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pollyanna Tue 23-May-06 21:37:47

my personal trainer has suggested I get a lateral thigh trainer (I think this is what it is called)
off qvc. Apparently these are really good. He also says a mini-trampoline is excellent. Other than that a gym ball and some weights are also useful. You can also do lots of ab exercises and lunges etc with no equipment.

For cardio stuff I think a run is probably the best thing, but I don't know how Davina and Charlie Brooks compare to that.

BeetrootOldDeer Tue 23-May-06 22:33:48


tortoise Tue 23-May-06 22:40:03

Ive got a lateral thigh trainer.Used it about 3 times! Its so big and heavy and hard to store. Must get it out of the cupboard and use it!

Jahan Wed 24-May-06 09:45:30

I've got a lateral thigh trainer thing (not the actual one advertised) and I use it fairly regularly. I've had it for nearly a year.
I use hand weights with it and get a good work out whilst watching a tv programme.

Bucketsofdinosaurs Wed 24-May-06 10:34:10

Boogie Beebies Boogie Beebies Yeah!

Hallgerda Wed 24-May-06 12:47:18

Pilates for Dummies gives a nice little workout that can be done in around 20 minutes (OK, it took me more like 40 when I started...). Any parks round you where you can hire a big bike that you can get your entire family on? That way you get free childcare (children's entertainment, even) and more exercise.

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