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Tell me I am completely insane

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yawningmonster Tue 23-May-06 12:15:56

OK well dh and I were discussing it and he has given a green light about ttc number two if I am ready.

I want more than one child
DS is now 19mths, he is out of a highchair and will be in a bed by the time we had number two (so wouldnt have to buy much more than another carseat)
Have great family support
Am now 34 so clock is pretty loud and blaring

Have ME and am having a bad patch at the moment
DS has mild sn and first year was a living hell that I am petrified of reliving
Unsure if sn is likely to reoccur in subsequent babies and whether it would be mild next time

Flipping between totally excited about the idea and totally terrified of not being able to cope.

yawningmonster Wed 24-May-06 01:23:39

so no gems of wisdom or dire warnings of what are you thinking then?

notasheep Wed 24-May-06 07:02:29

sorry,just found this.
You say you want more than one child-there you go then! hope you have another.

Also the fact that you have Family support.

threebob Wed 24-May-06 07:16:50

If you want more than one then nothing is going to make that go away.

Ask your GP to refer you for genetic counselling, which will help you with both the allergies and the SN.

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